Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.0.0-alpha3 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-111] - Find Parallel Sub-Execution by Busines Key of Process Instance
  • [CAM-509] - BPMN Rendering ignores label positions
  • [CAM-659] - When embedding the engine jar, the default job executor does not exist when I use a processes.xml file
  • [CAM-663] - Livetribe dependency is exposed even if process engine dependency is "provided"
  • [CAM-667] - glassfish does not start without internet connection
  • [CAM-669] - jsf form on startEvent does not work in tasklist
  • [CAM-671] - ExecutionQuery#processInstanceBusinessKey does not work for nested executions

Feature Request

  • [CAM-444] - As Spring User I can use expression resolving in a Process Application
  • [CAM-445] - As Spring user I can define a Managed Process Engine in the application context
  • [CAM-446] - As Spring User I can write a SpringProcessApplication
  • [CAM-513] - As DEV, I can read documentation about the Process Application Concept
  • [CAM-644] - Using the JAVA Api I can trigger a Message event subscription by correlation payload
  • [CAM-653] - Consolidate /task/groups into /identity
  • [CAM-654] - Add TaskService.resolveTask(taskId, variables) method in engine
  • [CAM-662] - support text for blogposts starting with image
  • [CAM-670] - Add Fav-Icon to welcome page and update screenshots
  • [CAM-678] - As PA DEV, I can provide a custom processes.xml file location in @ProcessApplication
  • [CAM-679] - Improve Userguide Readability


  • [CAM-672] - Invoice Showcase Improvements
  • [CAM-680] - As new user I can read a Getting Started Tutorial for camunda BPM and the spring framework

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