Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.0.0-alpha8 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-735] - MyBatis NullPointerException when using cockpit on tomcat
  • [CAM-926] - tasklist does not show variables of a process instance in the generic form
  • [CAM-967] - Cockpit Client PlugIn Filter not found exception
  • [CAM-968] - fix Build: 7.0-webapps-IT-cycle-signavio
  • [CAM-973] - Tasklist cannot read variables
  • [CAM-975] - fix linebreaks in readme in distro
  • [CAM-1000] - Cockpit throws exception at reload Process Instance Detail View when instance is finished
  • [CAM-1010] - StopJobExecutorStep in undeployBpmPlatform missing for Glassfish and WAS
  • [CAM-1017] - Webapplications do not set Cache-Control headers
  • [CAM-1020] - AbstractVariablesResource#getVariables() throws NullPointerException when a variable value is equals null

Feature Request

  • [CAM-447] - AS DEV I can use the Process Instance/Definition Suspension Feature
  • [CAM-774] - As User, I can read abount the supported environments for 7.0
  • [CAM-781] - As Operator, I can cancel a single process instance
  • [CAM-782] - As Operator, I can trigger a retry of a failed job
  • [CAM-913] - As Operator, I can use breadcrumps for naviagtion
  • [CAM-918] - As Operator, I can edit variables of an instance
  • [CAM-932] - As User I can read documentation about cockpit on
  • [CAM-957] - As user of the REST Api I can query / create / update / delete users
  • [CAM-958] - As user of the REST Api I can query / create / update / delete groups
  • [CAM-959] - As user of the REST Api I can create / delete user <> group memberships
  • [CAM-966] - As PA Developer I can specify a list of customBpmnTaskListeners in bpm-platform.xml
  • [CAM-980] - Passwords are stored as hashes in db
  • [CAM-990] - As user of the REST API I can change a user's password
  • [CAM-1001] - As user of camunda admin I can manage users
  • [CAM-1011] - As User of camunda Admin I can manage Groups
  • [CAM-1012] - As user of camunda Admin I can manage group memberships
  • [CAM-1015] - If I select a process engine which uses built-in user db, "create initial user" is displayed if no users exist
  • [CAM-1016] - As User I can read documentation about User Management on


  • [CAM-970] - change menu item of
  • [CAM-971] - useability improvement: engines dropdown
  • [CAM-981] - Add CONTRIBUT(E/ING?).md
  • [CAM-985] - Clean up VariableScope interface
  • [CAM-987] - Run distribution build against IBM JDK
  • [CAM-988] - Change github link on
  • [CAM-995] - Rename /cockit -> /camunda
  • [CAM-1003] - Spike: server- & clientside security infrastructure

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