Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.0.6 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-1583] - Unable to login to webapp when using Firefox-Passwordmanager
  • [CAM-1619] - Cannot resolve identifier exception when signaling a failed service task using delegateExpression + CDI
  • [CAM-1698] - Adjust cdi taskForm bean for myfaces
  • [CAM-1718] - table sorting for process instances wrong (WAS + DB2)
  • [CAM-1719] - Process Engine performs Optimistic Locking on Tables without Revisions
  • [CAM-1753] - The compensation handler associated with the compensation boundary has no end time in history
  • [CAM-1797] - SignallableActivityBehavior execution.getCurrentActivityName() returns null
  • [CAM-1866] - TaskEntity and ExecutionEntity not serializable
  • [CAM-1876] - Variable interpretation for script tasks
  • [CAM-2126] - cockpit crashes before login if no default process engine is present
  • [CAM-2128] - Concurrent Deployment causes Version Problems
  • [CAM-2131] - Fix DB2 / MSSQL concurreny problem
  • [CAM-2235] - Search broken for long Process Defintion Keys in HistoricProcessInstance
  • [CAM-2281] - LdapIdentityProviderPlugin - Problem querying groupMemberAttribute if ldap uses Posix Groups
  • [CAM-2299] - I can not edit, delete or add users to groups with a slash in the group ID
  • [CAM-2309] - LDAP Plug-in for groups doesn't work when user DN's have special characters
  • [CAM-2475] - Variables set on sub process start miss in history
  • [CAM-2492] - Variables set on async process start miss in history
  • [CAM-2520] - Wrong start event will be executed on multiple async start events
  • [CAM-2521] - No execution END event fired for compensation listeners
  • [CAM-2566] - Async continuation on start event does not work if process is started by call activity
  • [CAM-2644] - Make DefaultElResolverLookup tolerate non-applicable ProcessApplicationElResolver implementations
  • [CAM-2710] - SetJobRetriesCmd should clear lockOwner and lockExpirationTime
  • [CAM-2856] - DeploymentId null on TimerEntity after Repeating timer start event fired for the first time
  • [CAM-2912] - Unnecessary LOCK on ByteArray-Table during DELETE VariableUpdate
  • [CAM-3052] - Inclusive Gateway default flow makes execution state inconsistent
  • [CAM-3055] - Inclusive Gateway that merges and splits advances wrong execution on default flow

Feature Request

  • [CAM-1720] - As dev, I can read upgrade manual for enterprise patch releases


  • [CAM-2094] - Change REV_ value for insert statements to avoid problems on DB2 for zOS
  • [CAM-2292] - Improve logging and exception handling in JobExecutor
  • [CAM-2646] - Extend Spring test case for Java context configuration
  • [CAM-2728] - Change $CATALINA_HOME to $TOMCAT_HOME

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