Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.1.0-alpha4 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-1518] - Align usage of Database Column Types for Oracle
  • [CAM-1539] - EventSubscriptionQueryImpl.eventSubscriptionId() checks wrong variable
  • [CAM-1619] - Cannot resolve identifier exception when signaling a failed service task using delegateExpression + CDI
  • [CAM-1652] - Jenkins Job 7.1-platform-UPGRADE-70-to-71-instance-migration broken on oracle
  • [CAM-1660] - Cannot associate ProcessInstance after calling StopTask()
  • [CAM-1688] - I cannot click twice on the "completeTask" button in Tasklist
  • [CAM-1773] - Conditional Sequence Flows don't throw exception when no condition evaluates to true
  • [CAM-1782] - Create predictable FK constraint names in cycle sql scripts
  • [CAM-1895] - Activity Instance Tree selection only possible on text
  • [CAM-1897] - Mouse icon changes in cockpit navigation dropdown "sign out"
  • [CAM-1908] - Harmonize column data type in sql scripts
  • [CAM-1927] - Submitting a TaskForm does not trigger an UserOperationLog-Event
  • [CAM-1963] - Null check target attribute of camunda:in/camunda:out element

Feature Request

  • [CAM-73] - As Operator, I can see the history of variables in cockpit
  • [CAM-112] - As DEV, I can use the Non-interrupting Message Event Sub-Process
  • [CAM-1240] - As Dev I can configure where to retrieve "bpm-platform.xml" from
  • [CAM-1280] - I can get the BPMN 2.0 Process Diagram via REST API
  • [CAM-1737] - I can deactivate plugins in cockpit through a view provider configuration
  • [CAM-1757] - I can Query for Historic Task Details using the REST api
  • [CAM-1775] - I can correlate a message by processInstanceId
  • [CAM-1837] - I can use collaboration BPMN elements with BPMN model API
  • [CAM-1854] - I can set/get the camunda BPMN extensions through the BPMN model API
  • [CAM-1874] - As Operator I can search and filter the activity instance tree
  • [CAM-1875] - As Operator I can see the history of user tasks
  • [CAM-1887] - Create maintenance infrastructure for BPMN model API repo
  • [CAM-1957] - Using the ManagementService I can set the value of a property
  • [CAM-1958] - As webapp plugin Dev I can provide a plugin resource override
  • [CAM-1960] - As DEV I can write Server-Side Admin Plugins
  • [CAM-1961] - As DEV I can write Client-Side Admin Plugins


  • [CAM-1582] - Make engine work with camunda: prefix and namespace for job retry
  • [CAM-1713] - Test javascript assets during build
  • [CAM-1851] - prepare BPMN model API pom for maven central
  • [CAM-1882] - Add license check for camunda webapp
  • [CAM-1899] - frontend assets cache busting
  • [CAM-1903] - Generate OSGi headers
  • [CAM-1905] - Prevent multiple queries for process definition in Deployment Cache
  • [CAM-1906] - Enable "cached entity state optimization" for all executions inside a process instance
  • [CAM-1911] - decide on how to name full/live views
  • [CAM-1923] - show number of cancelled activity instances on process instance view
  • [CAM-1947] - Sort Processes on cockpit start page in alphabetical order
  • [CAM-1959] - Generalize Cockpit Plugin Infrastructure
  • [CAM-1965] - As Dev I can read in docs how to deactivate a cockpit plugin
  • [CAM-1966] - Implement cached entity state for variables & call actities
  • [CAM-1967] - Optimize Execution Tree (pre)fetching

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