Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.2.0-alpha2 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-2169] - Stackoverflow when invoking GetActivityInstanceCmd
  • [CAM-2235] - Search broken for long Process Defintion Keys in HistoricProcessInstance
  • [CAM-2281] - LdapIdentityProviderPlugin - Problem querying groupMemberAttribute if ldap uses Posix Groups
  • [CAM-2308] - Cockpit: typo in Variable Log

Feature Request

  • [CAM-2172] - Using spin, I can wrap a String or Input Stream as Dom Element
  • [CAM-2173] - Using spin, I can read the attributes and child elements of an XML element
  • [CAM-2174] - Using spin I can modify an attribute
  • [CAM-2175] - Using spin I can modify an element's child elements
  • [CAM-2176] - Using spin, I can query Xml data with XPath
  • [CAM-2180] - I can directly use S(...) from script / expression language
  • [CAM-2185] - I can use a built-in SOAP-Connector
  • [CAM-2188] - As CaseWorker I can start a new Case Instance
  • [CAM-2199] - As CaseWorker I can deploy a Case Definition
  • [CAM-2200] - I can read documentation on all cockpit features
  • [CAM-2223] - I can import and export an existing CMMN model from XML
  • [CAM-2244] - As Tasklist User, I can start processes
  • [CAM-2271] - As Tasklist User, I can log in
  • [CAM-2287] - A simple connector API for implementing connectors
  • [CAM-2288] - I can use Input/Output Mapping for activities & connectors
  • [CAM-2289] - Using Spin, I can write the wrapped XML objects to OutputStream / String


  • [CAM-2182] - Decide on SOAP Webservice library
  • [CAM-2227] - Use old url to string method with manual umlaut escaping
  • [CAM-2255] - Extract model api repositories
  • [CAM-2270] - Provide camunda commons logging
  • [CAM-2272] - fully integrate new tasklist into camunda BPM
  • [CAM-2273] - Provide Release builds for camunda commons & spin
  • [CAM-2283] - Disable javascript tests for java version < 8
  • [CAM-2292] - Improve logging and exception handling in JobExecutor
  • [CAM-2294] - Provide camunda BPM project parent (maven)
  • [CAM-2295] - Integrate camunda Tasklist in release build
  • [CAM-2297] - Review & merge Docs pull request on Tomcat Job Executor
  • [CAM-2303] - Add SPIN, commons and SOAPConnector to distro builds
  • [CAM-2306] - Use camunda BPM project parent in SPIN
  • [CAM-2307] - Use camunda BPM parent pom in camunda-connect
  • [CAM-2318] - Create an example test case for Cmmn

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