Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.2.0-alpha4 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-2008] - ClassNotFoundException upon server shutdown when using and "end" ExecutionListener
  • [CAM-2340] - cam:outputParameter / script not working inside connector scope
  • [CAM-2395] - @Dependent CDI beans are not properly destroyed
  • [CAM-2401] - Engine throws exception when <camunda:in> is used for variables with null values
  • [CAM-2421] - License check broken if webapp is installed with context path /something-app
  • [CAM-2446] - I can not configure the job-executor in standalone.xml on JBOSS
  • [CAM-2478] - Tasklist doesn't show group tasks or colleagues when using AD as an LDAP provider
  • [CAM-2492] - Variables set on async process start miss in history
  • [CAM-2513] - EL Spin support
  • [CAM-2520] - Wrong start event will be executed on multiple async start events
  • [CAM-2523] - Newly added service task not executed after using SetProcessDefinitionVersionCmd

Feature Request

  • [CAM-857] - Support for Java Serializable Variable Type in REST-API
  • [CAM-2153] - I can start process instances using the tasklist
  • [CAM-2239] - Provide Plan Item State Transition Listener
  • [CAM-2248] - As Tasklist User, I can see the tasks which are relevant to me
  • [CAM-2330] - I can read/write camunda connectors with BPMN model API
  • [CAM-2331] - I can read/write camunda input/output mapping with BPMN model API
  • [CAM-2384] - I can set camunda:resource on script task, camunda:script and conditionExpression in BPMN model API
  • [CAM-2392] - create an ArtifactFactory SPI
  • [CAM-2429] - Using Spin I can write Json
  • [CAM-2430] - Using Spin I can map Json to Java Object
  • [CAM-2431] - Using Spin I can map Java Object to Json
  • [CAM-2433] - I can configure the process engine's java object serialization data format
  • [CAM-2451] - I can read documentation about templating
  • [CAM-2456] - I can use a REST Http Connector
  • [CAM-2457] - Using camunda SPIN I can use JSON Path
  • [CAM-2459] - Using Spin, I can set and delete the property of a Json Object
  • [CAM-2460] - Using Spin I can manipulate a JSON / List object
  • [CAM-2489] - Document all available script usage possibilites
  • [CAM-2494] - I can add a camunda:script to execution and task listener in the BPMN model API
  • [CAM-2497] - I can use all compatible variable types with text input fields in embedded forms
  • [CAM-2519] - workaround for WebSphere-8.5 bug which hits ServletProcessApplicationDeployer
  • [CAM-2550] - Using the REST Api I can fetch a HAL representation for a list of tasks
  • [CAM-2555] - Provide Task Listener on HumanTask
  • [CAM-2565] - I can use camunda HTTP rest connector in process engine
  • [CAM-2568] - I can easily access the form key for a task


  • [CAM-2240] - As developer, I want to read docs about the tasklist project
  • [CAM-2376] - Spike: multi language possible in tasklist
  • [CAM-2390] - Extract camunda admin-ui
  • [CAM-2403] - Write blogpost about sdk-js
  • [CAM-2466] - I can read docs about the implemented elements
  • [CAM-2471] - Provide CI for new UI modules
  • [CAM-2473] - Use base infrastructure from camunda commons in tasklist
  • [CAM-2486] - convert getting-started guides into markdown
  • [CAM-2493] - Update SOAP connector example after alpha3 relase
  • [CAM-2507] - Spike: I can login to the new tasklist
  • [CAM-2512] - Remove ngDefine from commons-ui (auth & util)
  • [CAM-2542] - grunt task for locales compilation
  • [CAM-2545] - Write tests/docs about JSON() mappers
  • [CAM-2564] - Provide example for REST connector
  • [CAM-2569] - Adjust Invoice demo to new embedded forms syntax

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