Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.1.10 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-1881] - Call Activity out parameters are not executed if the sub process instance throws an error
  • [CAM-2599] - Incidents show PersistenceException instead of the actual exception
  • [CAM-3565] - Missing index on ACT_RU_EXECUTION:PROC_INST_ID_
  • [CAM-3572] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in GetActivityInstanceCmd.initActivityInstanceTree
  • [CAM-3626] - Check for table presence fails when a schema table prefix is used
  • [CAM-3726] - ProcessEngineRule does not cache engine if configuration is named 'activiti.cfg.xml'
  • [CAM-3727] - Execution tree is not expanded correctly
  • [CAM-3779] - Job starvation due to unordered job execution
  • [CAM-3807] - TaskId missing in HistoricVariableInstance
  • [CAM-3818] - SQL patch scripts are missing exact version number in distribution
  • [CAM-4246] - Memory leak when deleting deployments
  • [CAM-4307] - UserOperationLogContext is part of public API package
  • [CAM-6334] - Replace invalid characters and trailing whitespaces in SQL-Scripts


  • [CAM-3724] - For BPMN timer events, point out issues with time zone configuration
  • [CAM-3827] - Do not parse process definitions in Process Definition Query

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