Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.6.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-4308] - Error Event subprocess "re-throwing" the same error results in endless loop
  • [CAM-4994] - LdapUserQuery order by is not recognized
  • [CAM-5618] - No execution-until-wait-state semantics for nested API invocations
  • [CAM-5984] - Missing Pagination for List of Tenants in Add User/Group Dialog
  • [CAM-6131] - Resolve dependency cycle between assembly and webapp
  • [CAM-6139] - Regression: Cannot correlate message via REST without business key
  • [CAM-6151] - webjar 7.5.1-ee missing in repo
  • [CAM-6164] - NullPointerException accessing properties of BusinessProcessEvent
  • [CAM-6175] - Wrong Tab Order for Search Pills
  • [CAM-6178] - Expand/Detract arrow not accessible via keyboard in list of tasks
  • [CAM-6179] - Variable fields in list of tasks not accessible via keyboard

Feature Request

  • [CAM-5187] - I can access DelegateExecution from Context (Thread Local) using Public API
  • [CAM-5266] - When correlating a message, I get a correlation result response
  • [CAM-5953] - I can retrieve the Error Message of a thrown Error Event


  • [CAM-5762] - Remove Glassfish in 7.6 (after 7.5 Release)
  • [CAM-6096] - Increase transaction timeout for WebSphere
  • [CAM-6101] - Report Title is shown above Report
  • [CAM-6147] - Update Ldap test dependency
  • [CAM-6152] - Improve docs on process archive resource scanning
  • [CAM-6176] - Speed up frontend build
  • [CAM-6187] - Delete docs folder in SDK-JS
  • [CAM-6199] - Provide an example with Spring Boot
  • [CAM-6201] - Allow usage of ES6 in webapps
  • [CAM-6215] - Database state and DbIdGenerator become inconsistent when recreating schema

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