Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.8.0-alpha4 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-2146] - tasklist can't render embedded forms with ROOT contextPath
  • [CAM-7550] - Prevented Submissions for Embedded Forms produces non-configurable error
  • [CAM-7792] - Low frequency elements can not be seen on heatmap
  • [CAM-8149] - On oracle it is not possible to cascade delete deployment with more than 1000 historic instances
  • [CAM-8162] - Concurrent issue while starting engine in a cluster (duplicate key for history level)
  • [CAM-8186] - Delete SQL queries with subqueries are not efficient on Mysql
  • [CAM-8194] - Set Content-Length on Http Request
  • [CAM-8208] - FollowUp date cannot be resolved when switching a filter in Tasklist
  • [CAM-8237] - In Cockpit, I cannot suspend a process definition on process definition runtime view
  • [CAM-8238] - In Cockpit, I cannot change overriding job priorities of a process definition with no job definitions
  • [CAM-8240] - In Cockpit, I cannot open the batch operation page

Feature Request

  • [CAM-7497] - As cockpit user, I can see incidents in the process definition view
  • [CAM-7552] - Clear selected task when filter is changed
  • [CAM-7675] - I can see & trigger history cleanup from Cockpit
  • [CAM-7719] - In Cockpit, I can restart process instances
  • [CAM-7736] - I can see deleted variable in history view of process instance
  • [CAM-7846] - I can submit form with keyboard shortcut
  • [CAM-7859] - I can see reports about finished process/decision/case instances in Cockpit
  • [CAM-7860] - I can see incidents related with history cleanup job in Cockpit
  • [CAM-8001] - I can see the cleanable report in cockpit
  • [CAM-8088] - I can define an incremental retry interval
  • [CAM-8102] - I can query for historic process instances by executed activity ids
  • [CAM-8103] - I can query for historic process instances by active activity ids
  • [CAM-8141] - In Rest API, I can delete all Process Definitions with the same key
  • [CAM-8142] - In Cockpit, I can delete all Process Definitions with the same key (all versions) (EE)
  • [CAM-8143] - In Cockpit, I can delete a single Process Definition version (EE)
  • [CAM-8161] - In cockpit incident resource, I can restrict by processDefinitionId
  • [CAM-8195] - I can get history cleanup window configuration via REST
  • [CAM-8219] - I can configure cascading process instance deletion
  • [CAM-8243] - In Cockpit I can trigger a cleanup manually even if no batch window is configured


  • [CAM-7895] - Add MV_STORE=false to URL in h2 database profile
  • [CAM-7949] - Improve column width distribution in Cockpit Variable Table
  • [CAM-8060] - Improve layout of compensation activity when using fluent builder
  • [CAM-8089] - Job Retry Profile Example
  • [CAM-8098] - I can request report for finished historic batches
  • [CAM-8112] - History time to live for batches supports ISO-8601
  • [CAM-8125] - Investigate bpmn-js rendering performance and identify potential for improvement
  • [CAM-8179] - Improve Tasklist get started experience when there are no filters
  • [CAM-8180] - UX for History cleanup functionality
  • [CAM-8183] - Remove @Deprecated annotation from correlation methods
  • [CAM-8188] - Use default location to read license from
  • [CAM-8217] - Investigate failing testcase ExtendLockOnExternalTaskAuthorizationTest#testCompleteExternalTask() on MySql
  • [CAM-8251] - Rename properties in CleanableHistoricProcessInstanceReportResultDto

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