Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.8.14 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-8624] - In Cockpit, Dashboard metrics missing data, when multiple reporters logs metrics
  • [CAM-9502] - Histories REST Endpoint Documentation Bug
  • [CAM-9587] - In Cockpit, Cleanup metrics missing data, when multiple reporters log metrics
  • [CAM-9739] - In Cockpit, on human tasks view error notification title is broken


  • [CAM-9228] - Get start form key rest api doc is not complete
  • [CAM-9612] - BulkFetch complex/object-Variable values in context of historic detail data
  • [CAM-9625] - Remove javax.mail:mail depedency from Tomcat Distribution
  • [CAM-9627] - Fix minor version written in database procedure of the upgrade guide
  • [CAM-9740] - In REST reference, correct sort property name
  • [CAM-9839] - Include Adopt OpenJDK in supported environments
  • [CAM-9912] - I can read how to submit a vulnerability report
  • [CAM-9961] - Clarify that support application servers are only relevant for shared process engine deployments

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