Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version spring-boot 3.4.0 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-9103] - Spring boot tests depend on order execution
  • [CAM-10187] - Custom contextPath no longer working in SpringBootProcessApplication 3.2.0 with Spring Boot 2.1.1.RELEASE
  • [CAM-10372] - Spring Boot Starter Empty Body Filter covers the Rest API
  • [CAM-10588] - Spring boot: TransactionalEventListener fires wrong events
  • [CAM-10591] - License loading on Spring Boot Starter fails when db autoCommit is enabled
  • [CAM-10596] - The default job execution queue size is Integer.MAX_VALUE in spring boot starter
  • [CAM-10613] - In Spring Boot, availability of long-polling depends on order of rest and webapp artifact in pom.xml
  • [CAM-10646] - Prevent NullPointerException during destruction if delegate isn't initialized
  • [CAM-10791] - Firefox does not send CSRF cookie if initial request comes from a cross-origin
  • [CAM-10840] - Add property to disable CamundaBpmWebappAutoConfiguration
  • [CAM-11079] - Starter QA EE tests failing for a release
  • [CAM-11121] - Spring Boot startup fails if Spin Dataformat-All artifact is used

Feature Request

  • [CAM-9972] - Auto Configuration for Java8/JSR-310 Date-Time types in Spring Boot
  • [CAM-10607] - I can configure the name of the CSRF token cookie
  • [CAM-10902] - Support Spring Boot 2.2


  • [CAM-9884] - camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter test should get camunda.version from pom.xml
  • [CAM-10502] - Copy CSRF Prevention Filter to Spring Boot Starter
  • [CAM-10508] - Add integration test for CSRF Prevention to Spring Boot Starter
  • [CAM-10605] - Webapp ITs are executed against Spring Boot
  • [CAM-10623] - Spring Boot application property is removed
  • [CAM-10776] - Enable publishZipArtifactToCamundaOrg for sideproject
  • [CAM-10816] - Adjust travis build in spring boot
  • [CAM-10891] - Update bpm-release-parent version to latest in platform projects
  • [CAM-11074] - Add Spring Boot 2.2 version bump to migration guide

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