Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.11.5 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-9811] - Engine fails on WebSphere 8.5/9 with certain log levels
  • [CAM-9934] - Process status after interruptive event subprocess
  • [CAM-10753] - Correct typos in patch level update guide
  • [CAM-10801] - Filtering by candidateUser in an OR query does not resolve candidate groups
  • [CAM-10802] - Changing user profile via webapp fails when enablePasswordPolicy set to true
  • [CAM-10829] - Date picker of the generated task forms doesn't work as expected on version 7.11 and above
  • [CAM-10844] - Process Instance History/runtime view - User Task pop up window has truncated data
  • [CAM-10879] - Module net.minidev.json-smart needs dependency to module net.minidev.accessors-smart
  • [CAM-10893] - In Process Instance Search, I can't filter by ActivityId


  • [CAM-10444] - Documentation - Example of using serialized variables of type Object in POST request
  • [CAM-10690] - Update JS promise API usage in the docs
  • [CAM-10810] - Backport DMN 1.2 schema compatibility
  • [CAM-10841] - Adjust page login error message in webapps
  • [CAM-10867] - On definition views, I can select a specific version independently of defined query limit
  • [CAM-10875] - Fix wrong link in History page doc
  • [CAM-10876] - Improve process instance restart REST API docs
  • [CAM-10877] - Update serialization method in docs #306
  • [CAM-10881] - Adjust webapp IT on Wildfly/JBoss
  • [CAM-10884] - Fix failing karma tests regarding drd definition versions
  • [CAM-10887] - Create Statistics Endpoint for Process Instances
  • [CAM-10904] - Improve locked user IdentityServerTests

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