Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.16.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-13345] - Switching between versions, current page not persisting
  • [CAM-13354] - Missing token in runtime for active user task after process instance migration
  • [CAM-13362] - Some Freemarker variables might have a larger scope than intended

Feature Request

  • [CAM-11485] - Complete OpenAPI documentation (except CMMN-related)
  • [CAM-11523] - OpenAPI: Authorization endpoints
  • [CAM-11534] - OpenAPI: Decision Requirements Definition endpoints
  • [CAM-11541] - OpenAPI: Filter endpoints
  • [CAM-11544] - OpenAPI: Job Definition endpoints
  • [CAM-11545] - OpenAPI: Migration endpoints
  • [CAM-11546] - OpenAPI: Modification endpoints
  • [CAM-11556] - OpenAPI: Historic Batch endpoints
  • [CAM-11557] - OpenAPI: Historic Decision Definition endpoints
  • [CAM-11558] - OpenAPI: Historic Decision Instance endpoints
  • [CAM-11559] - OpenAPI: Historic Decision Requirements Definition endpoints
  • [CAM-11560] - OpenAPI: Historic Detail endpoints
  • [CAM-11561] - OpenAPI: Historic Identity link log endpoints
  • [CAM-11562] - OpenAPI: Historic Incident endpoints
  • [CAM-11563] - OpenAPI: Historic External Task Log endpoints
  • [CAM-11564] - OpenAPI: History Cleanup endpoints
  • [CAM-11565] - OpenAPI: Historic Job Log endpoints
  • [CAM-11566] - OpenAPI: Historic Process Definition endpoints
  • [CAM-11568] - OpenAPI: Historic Task endpoints
  • [CAM-11569] - OpenAPI: Historic User Operation Log endpoints
  • [CAM-11570] - OpenAPI: Historic Variable Instance endpoints


  • [CAM-12954] - E2E test - Reports page
  • [CAM-13089] - Documentation: Add Company account password change in self service help request.
  • [CAM-13332] - Enterprise Downloads page: version list is too long/CSS looks off
  • [CAM-13343] - Provide docker QA auto-setup image for WAS 8.5
  • [CAM-13350] - [Bug] In pipelines, EE main pipeline doesn't execute all test stages when triggered from CE main
  • [CAM-13370] - Update Contribution Guide concerning swagger-ui
  • [CAM-13376] - In docs-manual, add Camunda Community Hub information
  • [CAM-13378] - Adjust Oracle empty string old-engine test
  • [CAM-13379] - In main CE pipeline, remove JUnit publishing for api compatibility stage
  • [CAM-13390] - Quick start guide should give a hint that JDKs other than OracleJDK can be used
  • [CAM-13397] - In pipelines, make pipeline-master branch the default branch
  • [CAM-13398] - In Pipelines, disable parallel run of builds
  • [CAM-13399] - In pipelines, investigate improvements of processing logs
  • [CAM-13415] - In pipelines, recognize pull requests for maintenance versions
  • [CAM-13428] - Inconsistency between Javadoc on EventSubscriptions#eventType filter and EventType enum
  • [CAM-13442] - [Bug] In pipeline, stashes are not considered in the same pipeline
  • [CAM-13473] - Improve cross-linking between RPA parts of the docs


  • [CAM-13374] - Create new version in cambpm pipelines
  • [CAM-13401] - Evaluate if variables should be set when configuring the plan or when executing the plan
  • [CAM-13406] - Evaluate if variables should already be set in the source process instance
  • [CAM-13410] - Java and REST API
  • [CAM-13416] - In pipelines, investigate to process only the tail of logs when checking for retries
  • [CAM-13417] - In pipelines, investigate possibilities to reduce log file size
  • [CAM-13418] - In pipelines, investigate possibilities to store log files externally
  • [CAM-13421] - In pipelines, investigate “Recording Fingerprints” and how it affects the performance
  • [CAM-13426] - Create Cockpit mock to validate feature with customer
  • [CAM-13448] - Open API

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