Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.16.0-alpha2 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-9913] - Engine doesn't work with jobExecutorAcquireByPriority enabled and Wildfly > 11
  • [CAM-13205] - If DMN is disabled ACT_RE_DECISION_REQ_DEF is accessed but not created
  • [CAM-13433] - I cannot use forms in CMMN Human task
  • [CAM-13435] - When setting a serialized object variable via batch operation, class cannot be found on execution
  • [CAM-13499] - The CMMN getting started guide URLs redirect to themselves
  • [CAM-13546] - Update user guide from DMN 1.1 to DMN 1.3
  • [CAM-13585] - The Quick Start getting started guide can be used with Camunda Run

Feature Request

  • [CAM-13137] - I can set variables when performing process instance migration


  • [CAM-9043] - Classloading issues when using Spring Boot Starter and Spring Dev Tools
  • [CAM-12647] - Fix flaky CRDB EE-webapp-plugins job
  • [CAM-13080] - Retire no longer supported environments
  • [CAM-13163] - Allow setting a custom AcquireJobsCommandFactory before starting the job executor
  • [CAM-13252] - Docs update for 7.15: improve RPA guide
  • [CAM-13375] - Remove community extension lists from the core docs
  • [CAM-13440] - In pipelines, disable "Recording Fingerprints"
  • [CAM-13441] - In pipelines, extract database unit tests to separate Jenkinsfiles
  • [CAM-13467] - In pipelines, reduce output of test results
  • [CAM-13482] - In Historic Task REST API, move "orQueries" to query request body
  • [CAM-13484] - In pipelines, consolidate webapp-UNIT-* with engine-UNIT-* stages
  • [CAM-13485] - In pipelines, investigate failing stages with `Process Exit Code: 137`
  • [CAM-13487] - Permission property accepts String array(instead of integer) when Updating an authorization by id
  • [CAM-13496] - In REST API, correct documentation of executionId field on ActivityInstance
  • [CAM-13497] - In REST API, correct documentation of idIn field on user query
  • [CAM-13503] - Fix typo in German webapp translation
  • [CAM-13511] - In pipelines, qa artefacts are used for IT stages from upstream in EE main pipeline
  • [CAM-13512] - In pipelines, EE-engine-IT-weblogic-12R2-managed-domain-postgresql-96 stage doesn't resolve environment variables
  • [CAM-13522] - Fix docs redirect tests
  • [CAM-13552] - In pipelines, increase build history number for main-EE
  • [CAM-13556] - In pipelines, update community PR doesn't consider maintenance versions
  • [CAM-13579] - Improve Camunda Platform Run user guide


  • [CAM-13411] - Add migration guide documentation
  • [CAM-13412] - Cockpit
  • [CAM-13453] - Security implications of javaSerializationFormatEnabled = true are not documented well
  • [CAM-13472] - [OPTIONAL] Make variable validators extendable
  • [CAM-13475] - Remove retired environments from Camunda docs
  • [CAM-13476] - Remove retired environments from CI
  • [CAM-13477] - Refactor code related to retired environments
  • [CAM-13576] - Disable tests on mariadb galera

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