Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.17.0-alpha4 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-13897] - Camunda Forms: "Number" and "Select" can not save or submit empty fields with default value
  • [CAM-14092] - Query authorization check uses IN condition that performs poorly on MySQL
  • [CAM-14272] - Unable to submit Camunda Form if the process instance contains an object variable with data > 4000 characters
  • [CAM-14283] - Concurrent access to SAX parser factory fails application deployment
  • [CAM-14306] - Bug in AuthenticationManager
  • [CAM-14310] - Nullpointer on GET /engine-rest/telemetry/data with 7.17.0-alpha3

Feature Request


  • [CAM-13447] - Improve LDAP setup with Camunda Platform Run
  • [CAM-14275] - Adjust Quarkus examples to set a deployment name
  • [CAM-14284] - Do not log LDAP system properties on Run startup
  • [CAM-14292] - Remove cors.request.decorate property from Camunda Run config


  • [CAM-14065] - Create SYSTEM permission
  • [CAM-14096] - Adjust Migration View
  • [CAM-14100] - Allign Callactivity Badges with Cawemo
  • [CAM-14207] - Write documentation for new SYSTEM permission
  • [CAM-14280] - I can request registered deployments via REST API
  • [CAM-14296] - Evaluate which third-party library to choose for CSV mapping
  • [CAM-14297] - Evaluate how the structure of the SQL query should look like regarding ideal performance and maintainability
  • [CAM-14320] - Evaluate whether to choose a home-grown CSV writer or a third-party library

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