Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 2.1.0-alpha2 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [OPT-1089] - Invalid report shows wrong error message in view mode
  • [OPT-1178] - Alert Email says Dashboard, but links to Report
  • [OPT-1228] - Import skips entries if they are created the same millisecond other entries were imported
  • [OPT-1233] - No alert reminder email are sent
  • [OPT-1234] - IE11: Table Reports broken
  • [OPT-1241] - Only 10 String variable values are loaded in the variable filter
  • [OPT-1242] - Can't store configuration in report dashboards
  • [OPT-1246] - Cannot load more than 10 variables

Feature Request

  • [OPT-1211] - I can reorder table columns via drag and drop
  • [OPT-1239] - I can add external sources to dashboards
  • [OPT-1243] - I can query the location of Camunda webapps
  • [OPT-1249] - I can see variable updates in Optimize
  • [OPT-1251] - I can open a process instance in Cockpit
  • [OPT-1278] - I can adjust the REST requests to the engine(s) by a plugin


  • [OPT-1079] - Use icons for the standard button operations
  • [OPT-1151] - I get redirected if I access a report which does not exist or I have no access to
  • [OPT-1152] - Retrieve the authentication header at once in IT tests
  • [OPT-1186] - Backend returns status code 404 if dashboard/report doesn't exist
  • [OPT-1207] - Numeric variable filter with "is greater than" or "is less than" option should only allow one value
  • [OPT-1221] - Use consistent number parsing logic
  • [OPT-1227] - Remove java class docs with @Author annotation
  • [OPT-1236] - Check import of Process Definitions
  • [OPT-1240] - Prevent embedding a dashboard in itself
  • [OPT-1259] - Using the REST-API I can find out if a user is authorized to share a dashboard

Feature Part

  • [OPT-1230] - Allow only authorized users to access Optimize
  • [OPT-1232] - The user has only manage alerts for reports he is authorized for


  • [OPT-1082] - Use icons for common actions
  • [OPT-1229] - Remove user management from Optimize
  • [OPT-1244] - Document how to define authorizations for definitions in Optimize

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