Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 3.1.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [OPT-2218] - Incomplete reports are evaluated
  • [OPT-3261] - Handle exceptions from the engine when fetching Authorizations
  • [OPT-3460] - Permission users list - allow in modal scrolling
  • [OPT-3501] - Can't close the enity list search item with escape
  • [OPT-3506] - I can adjust the log level of the upgrade
  • [OPT-3513] - Custom Axis Labels in Chart Reports not stored
  • [OPT-3515] - ProcessInstanceStart & End event don't have unique activityInstanceIds
  • [OPT-3532] - Cannot add date variable filter with null / undefined
  • [OPT-3534] - Variables option becomes disabled after saving the report
  • [OPT-3545] - Java version related errors in the ReportsGenerator

Feature Request

  • [OPT-2558] - I can filter by rolling date on date variables
  • [OPT-2977] - businessKey Anonymization
  • [OPT-3461] - Show Last Modified Tag for Event Based Processes Reports


  • [OPT-1852] - Test upgrade with secured ES instance
  • [OPT-2410] - On report evaluation reponses != 200 show an error to the user
  • [OPT-2528] - Make use of the dmn generator in all dmn tests
  • [OPT-3184] - Optimize DataGenerator should generate decision reports
  • [OPT-3240] - Fail on exceptions from Engine requests properly
  • [OPT-3253] - Reduce the number of bulk ES requests during import
  • [OPT-3314] - Create Optimize docker tests
  • [OPT-3334] - Update react-table to the latest version
  • [OPT-3338] - Clean up padding on main element
  • [OPT-3408] - Version cleanup follow up
  • [OPT-3417] - Use Bearer scheme on the CloudEvents API
  • [OPT-3447] - Reject eventBased process Definitions as event source for another event based process
  • [OPT-3454] - Convert definition composite-aggregation performance tests to functional tests
  • [OPT-3462] - Make sure events after event based gateways have the correct durations
  • [OPT-3517] - Improve Table UI
  • [OPT-3526] - Remove the unused and incorrectly mapped activityInstanceId from FlowNodeEventDtos
  • [OPT-3562] - Grant more authorizations for users during data generation
  • [OPT-3564] - DataGeneration jenkins job is not using current branch module dependencies
  • [OPT-3565] - Resolve query performance test instability with ES 7.0.0-7.2.x

Design Part

  • [OPT-3539] - Flow node durations: three iterations
  • [OPT-3554] - UI for including/excluding Null or Undefined
  • [OPT-3566] - Design for auto generation

Feature Part

  • [OPT-3519] - Allow filtering by relative date variables via REST API
  • [OPT-3521] - I can add relative/rolling date variable filters in the UI
  • [OPT-3546] - filter report instances by a flow node duration
  • [OPT-3547] - Add a button to download instances that hit the target duration


  • [OPT-3178] - Test cases are added for ES errors when copying/moving/deleting resources
  • [OPT-3409] - Setup and start Engine Mockserver
  • [OPT-3424] - I can evaluate the new user task reports in the report builder
  • [OPT-3465] - Refactor Definitions ITs to use client classes
  • [OPT-3509] - Tests for ensuring ES Bulk import is resilient to ES failures
  • [OPT-3511] - Refactor Report ITs to use client classes
  • [OPT-3520] - Adjust static date variable filter to new structure
  • [OPT-3522] - Add documentation for relative / rolling date filters
  • [OPT-3523] - Add new "medium" size dataset to data-generator
  • [OPT-3524] - Use "medium" dataset in the Query-Performance test job
  • [OPT-3553] - Refactor Dashboard ITs to use client classes
  • [OPT-3570] - Mini-spike Camunda BPM Assert

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