Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 3.3.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Design Task

  • [OPT-4337] - Create modal improvements

Bug Report

  • [OPT-3380] - Cannot start backend if databaseDumps directory exists
  • [OPT-3594] - Error log when alert reminders are activated
  • [OPT-3899] - Event Based Process Name is overflowing header
  • [OPT-3929] - Combined reports broken by long names
  • [OPT-3991] - When I copy the dashboard the filters aren't copied as well
  • [OPT-4074] - The environment config file does not replace the Optimize version
  • [OPT-4116] - Permanent selection outline after element drop on flow sequence flow
  • [OPT-4407] - Pie chart does not shrink when browser window is shrinked
  • [OPT-4411] - Event count processing race condition on showing camunda event counts
  • [OPT-4428] - Dashboard with external report always has unsaved changes
  • [OPT-4455] - Optimize Crashes when accessing Process Part for another Definition
  • [OPT-4464] - Cannot see other users/groups despite relevant read permissions
  • [OPT-4466] - Fix migration tests for adding deleted definition field
  • [OPT-4467] - Import gets stuck if definition is deleted on camunda activity import
  • [OPT-4469] - Mark definition as deleted if newer deployment exists in same import batch
  • [OPT-4470] - Better handle missing authorization blocking definition import
  • [OPT-4471] - Opening Combined Report Control Panel makes scrollbar appear
  • [OPT-4472] - Enable timezone adjustment tests
  • [OPT-4475] - evaluation fails when swtiching to duration for distributed by assignee report
  • [OPT-4481] - Reenable Timezone tests with automatic interval
  • [OPT-4506] - Filter menu misaligned
  • [OPT-4514] - Shared dashboard causes application error when report has filter
  • [OPT-4516] - filter popover hard to read in dashboard dark mode

Feature Request

  • [OPT-3634] - Handle process and decision deletion in an improved way
  • [OPT-3901] - Dashboard Usability Improvements
  • [OPT-4270] - Multi-Selects are updated according to design specifications
  • [OPT-4362] - Add "Process Part" to all new duration distrBy variable/date report types


  • [OPT-1938] - Return 400 instead of 500 on rest request param validation
  • [OPT-2340] - Refactor user task commands and integration tests
  • [OPT-2375] - Rename environment folder to config
  • [OPT-2596] - Refactor TypeaheadMultipleSelection component
  • [OPT-3168] - Rename findFirst* methods in reader classes
  • [OPT-3372] - Cleanup non dmn supported engine test setup
  • [OPT-3470] - Consolidate engine client and engine extension
  • [OPT-4079] - Rename rename request and response DTO's according to the convention
  • [OPT-4153] - Refactor DistributedBy
  • [OPT-4201] - Clean up rest dto mapping to adhere to coding conventions
  • [OPT-4205] - Log response body on statusCode assertion failure
  • [OPT-4226] - Nightly import mediator permutation job
  • [OPT-4244] - Make dropdowns overflow out of scrollable containers
  • [OPT-4347] - Improve event based process documentation about authorizations
  • [OPT-4430] - Update documentation upgrade instructions
  • [OPT-4446] - Enable process part for distributed reports
  • [OPT-4453] - Remove duplication of process instance cancellation methods in integration extension
  • [OPT-4474] - Remove clear icon from typeahead
  • [OPT-4483] - Update react app to version 17
  • [OPT-4502] - Update upgrade docs for collection role cleanup bug

Bug Part

  • [OPT-4292] - Lock diagram scroll when displayed on Dashboard

Feature Part

  • [OPT-4284] - I can go to the report edit mode from the dashboard edit mode
  • [OPT-4290] - Separate Report and Dashboard Level Filters
  • [OPT-4303] - Adjust styling of input elements
  • [OPT-4306] - Create a resuable list selection component
  • [OPT-4397] - Evaluate incident filter for open/resolved incidents


  • [OPT-4156] - Part 2: Move refactored distributedBy to ReportData
  • [OPT-4157] - Frontend is adjusted to move of distributedBy field to reportData
  • [OPT-4240] - The user documentation is updated on how Optimize handles data deletion
  • [OPT-4241] - Always continue the import if engine data has been deleted
  • [OPT-4242] - Only show unique versions in the definition selection
  • [OPT-4285] - Change Delete icon for Dashboard entities
  • [OPT-4286] - Separate Entity Operation buttons
  • [OPT-4287] - Show entries in dashboard disabledly in edit mode
  • [OPT-4288] - Dashboard Filters edit mode restructuring
  • [OPT-4380] - Seperate MultiValueInput into a controlled and uncontrolled component
  • [OPT-4391] - Add clear and search icon to search input in checklist
  • [OPT-4392] - prevent space from seperating value in string variable filter
  • [OPT-4427] - Replace typeahead with multiselect for adding roles to collection
  • [OPT-4448] - Save already imported definitions with key/version/tenant as deleted
  • [OPT-4452] - Migrate currently imported definitions to be marked as not deleted
  • [OPT-4463] - Improve documentation & visibility/logging of nested object limit configuration
  • [OPT-4473] - use multi select in assignee/candidate filter
  • [OPT-4480] - Allow dashboard filters to use any variable value
  • [OPT-4486] - Export saved single process reports
  • [OPT-4487] - Export saved single decision reports

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