Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 3.6.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Design Task

  • [OPT-5021] - Design Concept: Multi-Value select with OR-Logic for Variable and Instance State Filters
  • [OPT-5160] - Design Concept: Improve selection of process definition versions in Process Reports
  • [OPT-5368] - Distribution becomes secondary group by

Bug Report

  • [OPT-5007] - changing version quickly after changing definition causes race condition
  • [OPT-5362] - Optimize import gets stuck on nested document limit
  • [OPT-5377] - Horizontal scrollbar appears after opening Event Based Process entity menu
  • [OPT-5391] - Error On definition Selection in Multi-Engine scenario
  • [OPT-5401] - Autogeneration fails when add more than one event
  • [OPT-5410] - Optimize import blocks with unsupported Zeebe Element Types
  • [OPT-5418] - Upgrade and Reimport scripts don't load plugin directory
  • [OPT-5422] - Showing all tooltips in line charts with goal value crashes visualization
  • [OPT-5428] - Upgrade and reimport scripts cannot find plugin directory (Windows)
  • [OPT-5430] - enabling goal line on distributed line chart reports discolors legends
  • [OPT-5435] - Default definition import limit can cause a search clause limit error during import


  • [OPT-4336] - Breakup long running tests into different test classes
  • [OPT-4777] - Extract Post Actions into shared lib function
  • [OPT-5010] - update distributed reports color order
  • [OPT-5123] - Update chart.js to 3.4
  • [OPT-5218] - Resolve AssertJ illegal reflection warning messages for Zeebe Tests
  • [OPT-5275] - Move ES high level client requests to the Optimize Client
  • [OPT-5304] - Switch to mockito-inline
  • [OPT-5344] - Investigate why Java 16 compatibility test is failing
  • [OPT-5347] - Extend the entity deleter to support bulk entities
  • [OPT-5349] - Differences in instance level filtering vs instance filtering of view level filters
  • [OPT-5390] - Refactor ImportIndexHandlerRegistry
  • [OPT-5392] - Process instance indices not properly cleared up before/after Zeebe ITs
  • [OPT-5400] - Stabilise Zeebe Process Instance ITs
  • [OPT-5413] - Assignee/CandidateGroup Filters should always filter for userTasks only
  • [OPT-5415] - Build prototype for complex variable import
  • [OPT-5420] - Document NPE when running 3.5 upgrade on 3.5 as known issue
  • [OPT-5421] - Disable Zeebe import by default in integration test (IT) setup
  • [OPT-5450] - Move to maven 3.8.1 docker images
  • [OPT-5451] - Remove tests for unsupported Java versions

Bug Part

  • [OPT-5259] - Edit icon stays visible after popover is closed

Design Part

  • [OPT-5196] - Create New Report modal thumbnails


  • [OPT-5094] - Check for nested limit exception using more specific string terms
  • [OPT-5170] - Zeebe Importer metadata is saved in Elasticsearch
  • [OPT-5215] - Clean up Zeebe templates before/after ITs finish
  • [OPT-5402] - Extract longSearchTerm terms from EventListRestServiceRolloverIT class to a different class
  • [OPT-5403] - Extract tests with suggestions from EventCountRestServiceIT to a different class
  • [OPT-5404] - Initialize ES and Optimize once for a the whole ImportIT class
  • [OPT-5405] - Split ReportCollectionRoleAuthorizationIT class in user and group test classes
  • [OPT-5406] - Reduce parameterized test overhead by dicreasing test cases amount in TimeZoneAdjustmentRestServiceIT
  • [OPT-5407] - Research how AutogenerationITs could be split in smaller chunks
  • [OPT-5408] - Split EventDeleteRestServiceRolloverIT in smaller chunks
  • [OPT-5439] - Add Definition Fields to FlowNodeInstance dto
  • [OPT-5440] - View Level Filters (FlowNode & UserTask) can be applied to specific definitions
  • [OPT-5453] - Allow configuration of skipping of import for docs hitting max nesting
  • [OPT-5455] - Create dedicated filter operateror enum for IndentityLinkFilter
  • [OPT-5456] - Create dedicated filter operateror enum for DurationFilterDataDto
  • [OPT-5463] - Create dedicated filter operateror enum for ExecutedFlowNodeFilterDataDto

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