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Support raw data download via API for external analysis and display




      What is the desired functionality that you are missing?

      Currently, it is possible to download CSV files via the UI or using an internal API. But that hast the following issues:

      • download via UI: if I want to perform calculations based on the data that's coming from the CSV export, a lot of manually work is involved.
      • internal API: technically it is possible to download a CSV file using the internal API (e.g. REST), but it is not officially documented and supported (e.g. Camunda could just change the Endpoint whenever they want).

      As a user, I would like to use the REST API to download a JSON file of a defined report.
      For raw data reports, I want to be able to paginate across many rows (1-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-3000, etc)

      Which problem are you going to solve with this functionality?

      On a regular basis (monthly) we need to create reports (for cost calculation). Optimize data (specific reports) are a basis for this calculation. We would like to automate this calculation so we do not have to manually download the CSV file, open it with Excel, and do the calculation there. Instead, we want to get the data from Optimize that we configured, then do the calculation and send out the results automatically. Therefore Optimize should have a download data API.

      Use Case: I want to analyze my variables offline because I can't create the right graphs in Optimize (variable vs variable)

      Use Case: I want to visualize my data in a different application because my organization uses a different analytics tool

      Use Case: I want to programmatically download a report to bill my internal customers appropriately (SUPPORT-7189)


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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