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Prototype stage two: Combined reports



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    • 3.4.0-alpha1, 3.4.0
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      To do

      • Add multiple processes to Report within the Report builder
      (Not necessary in the create modal at this stage)

      • Add distribution option 'by process' 

      • Allow Filters to be added to individual processes

      • Allow Filters to be applied to all processes at once


      To create two Filtered Reports...

      1. Two of the same process. Apply a different Flow Node Execution filter on each of the processes to compare number of instances by executed Flow Node.

      2. Two differing processes. Apply a Flow Node Filter to one of the processes only.

      Nice to have;

      Duration and Date filters also contain a process selection option when multiple processes are available.


      Distribution option: By Process
      available where multiple processes exist.
      Current distribute by none, displays both as if they are one data set. Other distribution options disabled if multiple processes are present.

      Flow Node Filters:
      If the processes are the same, filters can be added to both. If processes differ, the process title cards can be used to display the related diagram.

      Use Radio buttons or checkboxes to distinguish.
      Q. If there are three processes added, two of which are the same, how would this work?

      Duration and Date filters can apply to both processes.

      Nice to Have

      • Add, edit or remove processes.

      Not needed
      • Info icons and tooltip explaining filters
      • No. of added filters pill 
      • Collapsable sections 



      Prototype ->  See me for design. (Concept in development) 

      Warning: This concept will not allow User Task and Flow Node reports to be combined.
      Or grouping by start and end dates. 

      Discuss migration.


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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