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Multiple Processes & the Create Modal Iteration One



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      Multi Process | Create Modal - BASIC  

      Goal: To allow selection of multiple process definitions. 
      Basic concept forces configuration to occur in the Report builder edit mode. 
      ( Much of the functionality of the expanded concept was repeated in the create modal - could develop further in a future iteration) 


      Create modal allows for single or multiple selections
      Possible selection options;
      • Single process:  displays process diagram & Version and tenant configuration options 
      • Multiple processes:  display hint text to inform users where to configure the process options
      • All process:  Special case - allows automatically updating group of processes in a context to be monitored
      More here - https://jira.camunda.com/browse/OPT-5018 


      Report templates
      Default process distribution is 'None' which displays all data as if it was a single process. 
      Number, Table and Bar chart Templates are possible with single or multi process (investigate edge cases).
      Heatmaps: Disable heatmap for multiple processes - if heatmap selected and an additional process is added, the template selection returns to the default blank template.


      Dashboard templates
      It is not possible to create Dashboard templates based on multiple process definitions. 



      Design->  https://zpl.io/V4N1L38*


      Working with bulk processes 

      Adding Processes in bulk

      • Allow adding 'All processes definitions' 
      This selects all processes in the given context which are added as a single process card. 
      • Allow bulk selection of Tenant and Version - TBD
      • Report builder has limited functionality for working with Bulk processes 
      • All but the heatmap reports can be created using bulk processes. Discuss





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