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Provide user configuration capabilities for outlier analysis



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      • Which problem are you trying to solve with this functionality?
      • After the implementation for the outlier analysis implemented with OPT-5505, a default standard minimum deviation of 50ms from the average has been implemented, so that irrelevant outliers are filtered out from the outlier analysis. The standard value of 50ms might not be the best value in some cases, therefore it would be good if the user is able to change this value to perform different analyses
      • User might want to exclude automated tasks from the analysis
      • Assumptions
      • The 50ms filter is potentially not appropriate in some cases
      • Analysis from automated tasks might unnecessarily clutter the user's heatmap
      • Solution Space
      • What is the desired feature that you are missing?
      • Provide two configuration possibilities when visualising the outlier analysis
      • Scope (bullets)
      • UI component with on/off switch for analysis of automated tasks (default on)
      • UI component where the user can input the minimum deviation from the average (in ms) for an instance to be considered an outlier (default 50ms)
      • The underlying functionality in the backend endpoint is already implemented and documented in https://confluence.camunda.com/display/CO/Analysis
      • User Scenario (Given/When/Then)
      • Given: a ready outlier analysis
      • When: User is unhappy with the currently visualisation provided
      • Then: The user can tweak the two above mentioned parameters to generated a more relevant outlier analysis
      • Acceptance Criteria
      • Both UI components successfully transmit the data input by the user to the backend using the endpoint¬†
        GET api/analysis/flowNodeOutliers
      • Hint/Examples
      • The functionality is already implemented at the backend
      • Notes
      • Discuss with Eric/Asia how this could be accomplished from an user experience endpoint


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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