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AppCues for internal testing



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      Problem Definition

      User Story

      As an Optimize team member
      I want to iteratively develop an in-app workflow using feedback
      So that I can roll out a successful onboarding workflow

      Use Cases

      • (MH) Optimize team user testing with prototype flows
      • (SH) Products team can iterate on the prototype flows
      • (NTH) Any Camundo can perform user testing

      PM Notes (Customer requests, context, assumptions)

      Here's the content Appcues provided

      1. Installation Overview - This provides a high level overview of what is involved in the installation.
      2. Installation Overview for Developers - This document provides a more technical guide for those on your team that will actually be installing Appcues.
      3. Events and Properties Overview - This is an overview of the data that is collected by Appcues and is useful for reference when installing.
      4. Installation Plan Walkthrough - An installation plan provides a framework for getting Appcues setup and running with your application and can assist in organizing the installation process. This form will guide you in filling out the basic information for your installation plan, which will be emailed to you upon completion of this walkthrough. You can then add some additional detail and share it with your team that will be installing Appcues so they know exactly what data you need!
      5. Launchpad Installation Overview - Appcues Launchpad allows users to access Appcues flows from a notification dropdown within your product. This document explains how you can install Launchpad if you are interested in using this feature.
      • I'd like to start with the Optimize Homepage flow
      • We can reuse the installation template from the (location TBD)

      Solution Definition

      Solution Ideas

      Design Notes (Videos, mockups, guidance)

      User Scenario

      (MH/SH/NTH) WHEN
      (MH/SH/NTH) THEN

      Metrics (if applicable)


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app




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