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Configure alerts only to be evaluated on certain weekdays



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      Which product and version do you currently use?

      Optimize 3.8.3

      In which environments (staging, production, etc.) do you need the feature?


      Please describe the missing/desired functionality:

      Alerts should be configurable so that they are only evaluated on certain weekdays (e.g. not on weekends).

      Alternatively, it should be possible in the underlying reports to apply filters for certain weekdays (e.g. to count process instances on the last 2 work days).

      What problem would the feature solve?

      We have processes which are automatically started by incoming electronic communications from external partners. We use alerts to check for each communication partner if there were no new process instances yesterday as this indicates a technical problem. However, we do not expect any new process instances on weekends.

      As a consequence, we currently get a lot of unnecessary alerting emails each weekend. Alternatively, we could configure the reports to include the last three days (to account for the weekend). However, then we would detect possible problems days later.

      What effort would be required without the feature?

      Sorting through 10+ false alerting mails each Monday. This also increases the chance of missing a real alert.

      Do you have a deadline by which you need this feature?


      Why do you need this feature?

      See above...

      Who benefits from the feature (developers, end users, management) and how big is the respective group?

      This would benefit especially the business analysts responsible for supervising a process application but possibly also other user using alerts (roughly 30+ Optimize users).

      How would not implementing the feature impact you?

      See above...


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