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Redundant tasks resubmitted during resumed upgrade



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      What/Where is the issue ?

      When Optimize submits a new task in the context of a migration (reindex, update, delete), it does not check the status of a task that is already in progress. It also doesn't consider failing shards when determining document counts to decide whether or not to submit a new task. This means that in the worst case, Optimize will resubmit the same task again, which is redundant and wastes ES resources. It can also mean skipped steps when failed tasks can be interpreted as completed when they haven't been successful.

      Environment: C7/ C8SaaS/ C8SM

      Optimize version : All
      ES version : All
      OS + Browser version : All

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Preconditions: The migration contains a task-creating operation that will not succeed
      • Steps: 
        • Start the migration
        • When it gets to the long running task, cancel it and cancel the task in ES
        • Note the task in ES
        • Rerun the migration
        • Observe no new task being created in the new migration

      Observed behavior:

      As above

      Expected behavior:

      • If a task already exists and is still running, a new task should not be submitted
      • If a task already exists but has failed or has errors, a new task should be submitted
      • If a task already exists but was successful, no new task should be submitted and the upgrade should continue to the next step

      Additional Information:

      This should be included in a 3.11 patch and is part of a blocker for customers upgrading from 8.2 -> 8.3


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