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Deleting a process before it was imported to Optimize blocks import



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      What/Where is the issue ?

      If you delete a definition before it was imported into Optimize, the import of data relating to this definition (if present) is blocked because Optimize relies on information to be retrieved about this definition from the engine but the definiiton doesn't exist there anymore.

      Environment: C7/ C8SaaS/ C8SM

      This has been observed in C7 but could theoretically also happen for C8 environments if Optimize was started after the retention period of zeebe records has passed.

      Optimize version : All - fix will be on master, 3.10 and 3.11
      ES version : Irrelevant
      OS + Browser version : Irrelevant

      Steps to reproduce C7:

      • Preconditions:
        • Optimize isnt running yet 
        • Engine is running
      • Steps:
        • Deploy a definition to the engine
        • Start some instances on that definition
        • Delete the definition from the engine 
        • Start Optimize
        • Observe import logs

      Steps to reproduce C8:

      • Preconditions:
        • Optimize isnt running yet 
        • Adjust retention period in zeebe to 5mins or so — may need to check with zeebe team if there's an env var for this
      • Steps:
        • Deploy a definition to Zeebe
        • Start some instances on that definition
        • Wait until the retention period has passed 
        • Start Optimize
        • Observe import logs

      Observed behavior:

      Various import pipelines throw a DefinitionNotFound error when they attempt to import data related to this definition (eg flownode data, userOperationsLogs etc)

      Expected behavior:

      Observe in logs: No exception during import

      Additional Information:

      The described issue does not occur when the definition was already imported to Optimize before it was deleted from the engine.

      GH epic: https://github.com/camunda/product-hub/issues/1730 


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