Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.10.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-3846] - User Operation Log Entry Events miss HistoryEventType
  • [CAM-3967] - Custom history levels do not receive user operation log entries
  • [CAM-5692] - Cannot set job due date for non-timer jobs
  • [CAM-7676] - Index ACT_IDX_JOB_HANDLER too long for DB2
  • [CAM-8976] - When using the Administrator Authorization Plugin, Camunda Admin Check does not consider configured admin group
  • [CAM-9008] - Usage of ObjectMapper#canSerialize() in JSON data format causes performance issues
  • [CAM-9017] - In Cockpit, I cannot restrict activity instance statistics in case of large datasets
  • [CAM-9057] - Error when undeploying ProcessApplication with CMMN and DMN disabled
  • [CAM-9075] - Using the historic detail rest endpoint I cannot sort by multiple parameters
  • [CAM-9089] - Session ID is reused
  • [CAM-9091] - In Cockpit, Variable value is not wrapped in Variable log popup
  • [CAM-9097] - Decision instance link in batch operation view is broken
  • [CAM-9098] - Task Log modal view to small
  • [CAM-9100] - Cleanable Data not listed when using translation for Cockpit
  • [CAM-9121] - In Tasklist, I cannot use link to open a process instance in Cockpit
  • [CAM-9122] - Using the Rest-API Optimize can't perform custom queries against the engine
  • [CAM-9162] - In Cockpit, I cannot change a migration plan

Feature Request

  • [CAM-2950] - I can set local variables in message correlation builder
  • [CAM-9061] - In Cockpit, I can use a link to open a task in Tasklist
  • [CAM-9108] - I can create a plugin for profile card in Welcome app
  • [CAM-9146] - I can use camunda:isStartableInTasklist in the model api
  • [CAM-9159] - I can query for process definitions by "startableInTasklist"


  • [CAM-8789] - Remove Jackson downgrade from migration tests pom.xml
  • [CAM-9006] - Add index for TASK_ID on ACT_HI_OP_LOG table
  • [CAM-9065] - Change the way how authorizations are checked when executing Acitivty Instance Statistics
  • [CAM-9104] - Add io mapping support for plain task
  • [CAM-9105] - Wrong log level for "Adding new exclusive job to job executor context."
  • [CAM-9116] - Adjust db scripts after 7.9 release for testing the upgrade
  • [CAM-9166] - Improve examples in Java External Task Client

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