Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.18.0-alpha3 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-14321] - Removal of transient variable followed by set with non-transient leads to NPE
  • [CAM-14629] - Liquibase update fails when using changelog from jar

Feature Request

  • [CAM-11881] - I can configure processDefinitionKey as parameter in Process Data Context for logging
  • [CAM-13768] - Include activity name in process logging context
  • [CAM-13977] - Configuration property to define logging level for BPMN stacktrace
  • [CAM-14083] - Expose engine exceptions to implement retry behavior


  • [CAM-13728] - JobExecutorMetricsTest is unstable on CRDB
  • [CAM-13733] - HistoricProcessInstanceTest fails on 7.16 and upgrade-database-mysql-57 stage
  • [CAM-14481] - SPIKE - Metrics monitoring with Prometheus
  • [CAM-14626] - Use the latest patch levels of Aurora Postgres in the pipeline CI
  • [CAM-14635] - Manual installation steps for Camunda Platform 7 on WAS Liberty are known
  • [CAM-14638] - A JobExecutor can be configured on WAS Liberty
  • [CAM-14711] - In WAS 8.5 ITs, maven cannot download jackson
  • [CAM-14732] - Remove unique-task-workers from REST API documentation /engine-rest/metrics/
  • [CAM-14744] - Add Lithuanian web app translation


  • [CAM-14763] - Avoid writing log when code is already fallback code

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