Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.18.0-alpha4 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-14423] - Cockpit Decision View shows date variables as invalid when they are not
  • [CAM-14456] - Input Parameters are skipped after Event-based Gateway
  • [CAM-14696] - Tasklist Plugin: method render does not get called on changing human task
  • [CAM-14719] - In Task Query REST API, sorting parameter "updatedAfter" is not documented correctly
  • [CAM-14724] - Make name of Java task query sort option "TaskQuery#orderByTaskUpdatedAfter" API more intuitive
  • [CAM-14740] - Sending signal can cause unexpected NPE in race condition
  • [CAM-14748] - Invoice example doesn't work on WebSphere Liberty
  • [CAM-14760] - Camunda Run instantly closes when launched from a folder with spaces in its path

Feature Request

  • [CAM-14791] - Traditional Chinese translations are available for the webapps


  • [CAM-13824] - MultiInstanceTest is unstable
  • [CAM-13862] - ProcessInstantiationAtActivitiesHistoryTest is unstable
  • [CAM-13890] - SequentialJobAcquisitionTest is unstable
  • [CAM-14485] - Fix unstable tests in CI
  • [CAM-14489] - Update H2 to a version > 2.1.120
  • [CAM-14519] - Date in documentation examples should contain timezone
  • [CAM-14752] - Handle DB2 error -532, sql state 23504 as foreign key constraint violation
  • [CAM-14774] - Update Alpine base image to latest 3.15 patch level
  • [CAM-14783] - BoundaryEventInputOutputTest fails on history level activity
  • [CAM-14800] - Mention camunda-engine-plugin-connect dependency in Connector Reference documentation


  • [CAM-14639] - The engine can use a data source configured in WAS Liberty
  • [CAM-14771] - slf4j.event.Level is not available in jboss EAP 70

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