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For UiPath, enable external application authentication flow



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      User Story (Required on creation):

      In the RPA Bridge, I can use the External Applications authentication flow for UiPath.

      Functional Requirements (Required before implementation):

      • I can define the necessary attributes in the Bridge configuration to connect to UiPath through the External Applications authentication flow.

      Technical Requirements (Required before implementation):

      • Necessary configuration attributes are present
      • Authentication token is fetched from the defined URL and refreshed before expiry

      Limitations of Scope (Optional):

      Hints (Optional):

      • The API Access authentication flow (which we are using) will be marked as deprecated by UiPath with version 21.10 - it will be replaced by the External Application authentication flow
        • For on-premise, this will only become relevant when we want to support 21.10
        • For Cloud we do not know when this change will become effective and when users will be affected by it
      • The specific technical requirements need to be evaluated before implementing this, e.g.
        • Can we simply add (or reuse) configuration options or do we need to implement new routines as well to adhere to the new authentication flow (which is based on an OAuth 2.0 Identity Server)
        • Do we need to make multiple requests to different endpoints to obtain an access token?
        • How much manual work has to be done by the customer beforehand in order to provide the necessary data and how much can be automated?


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app




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