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In the history process definition view, I can use all filtering criteria for process instances that the process dashboard offers



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      User Story (Required on creation):

      On the processes dashboard, users can search by any criterion the historic process instance search API offers (e.g. process instance id). In the history view of a process definition when searching for instances in the respective tab, only a subset of search criteria is available. It should offer the same search options for a consistent and more powerful user experience (minus process definition id/key, etc.). Currently, users have to navigate back to the processes dashboard as a workaround.

      Functional Requirements (Required before implementation):

      Technical Requirements (Required before implementation):

      • The endpoint that is used in the process definition view is a Cockpit-internal endpoint that is not the same as the one used for the dashboard search (because the endpoints and the underlyring SQL statements offer different filtering options and return different data). We should try to find a solution that reuses the filtering options from the API endpoint.

      Limitations of Scope (Optional):

      • The process definition runtime view is out of scope, because it is a different backend endpoint and there is little implementation synergy if we build it for the history view. This can become another feature request if needed

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        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app




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