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    • 7.16.0, 7.16.0-alpha5
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      Acceptance Criteria (Required on creation):

      • The "Correlate Message" batch operation is added to the batch operation page
        • A message name, the process instances are correlated against, can be defined
      • Message correlate action buttons are present in the runtime process definition and instance view
        • Clicking the button opens a modal dialog with a text input field to define the message name
          • A typeahead lists all existing message names except for process instance start events (excluding event-subprocess start events)
          • A button exists to open the correlate message batch operation prefilled with the current context (process instance/definition id filter, message name)
      • When hovering over a message-catching flow-node on the runtime process definition and instance view, an overlay button is displayed in the upper-right corner of the flow-node
        • A click on this button opens the modal dialog pre-filled with the respective message name
        • Overlay buttons are not displayed on
          • process instance start events (excluding event-subprocess start events)
          • message-caching flow-nodes that resolve the message name partially or fully via an EL expression, e.g.: ${foo} or my-message-#{foo}
        • Overlay buttons are displayed on flow nodes no matter if it has activity instances or not
          • This makes the feature more powerful since message correlation batches can be created for not yet instantiated flow nodes


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app




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