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Extend API to query for Tasks updated after a specified date



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      User Story (Required on creation):
      As a software developer I want to be able to query for user tasks that were updated after a specific date. This allows me to update my proprietary task list on changes of the task status.

      Functional Requirements (Required before implementation):

      • Extend REST interface by" "updatedAfter" filter
      • Extend¬†Java API (TaskQuery) by "updatedAfter" filter
      • All API can sort results by the update timestamp
      • The task entity will store a lastUpdate timestamp that updates on every update of the entity
      • The following events from the Task Event Lifecycle count as updating the task entity:
        • create: If no lastUpdate timestamp is set the creation date of the task is the last update
        • update: updating any property on the task entity (including assignee and dependent entities like local task variables) will set the lastUpdate

      Limitations of Scope (Optional):

      • Historic task entities are out of scope. The APIs will only return runtime tasks and no lastUpdate timestamp is stored on historic task entities.
      • The following events from the Task Event Lifecycle do not count as updating the task entity:
        • assignment: Changes to the assignee property of the task entity will trigger the update event. This means we can safely ignore the assignment event for this use-case.
        • timeout: A timeout is triggered by flow logic and does is not considered an update to the task entity.
        • delete: Deleting the task will cause the engine to remove the runtime data. After this event the task query APIs will not return a result for this entity anymore. This means we don't need to considder it an update for this use-case.
        • complete: Completing a task will cause it to be deleted and become historic data. This means we don't need to consider it an update for this use-case.

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