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URL that links directly to a generated task form for the start event of a BPMN process



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      I would like to have a URL that can take a user to the generated task form for the start event that starts a bpmn process.

      Here are the steps I am thinking would occur:

      1. User would click an href link on an html page hosted by web server, say a link in a wiki article created with the wikimedia engine on a local intranet site
      2. The user would be presented with the auto generated user task form based on the formData extension elements of the bpmn startEvent

      The idea is that they are not going to the task list, clicking start process, and then selecting the process name.

      I would to be able to skip the go to task list, click start process, and search for process name steps by having a URL that goes directly to the form of the process I want to start.

      It doesn't have to look any different, it should still be displaying the form in the task list exactly as it would have been if they clicked start process and clicked the process name.

      As an example use case I could create documentation that someone follows to do something in an ERP system and when they get to a specific step it could say click here to initiate the item change approval process.

      When the click the link it takes them directly to the form to fill out hosted by the camunda task list.

      The requesting user doesn't have to be taught what camunda is, what the task list is, how to find processes, what the name of the appropriate process would be in their particular situation (maybe based on which documentation they are using we have them actually link to different item approval processes) they just need to click the link and fill out the form.

      Below is just nice to have but might be easy enough to do when implementing this

      With some additional tweaks it would also be beneficial if there was an option to have the form displayed in full screen without the task list application chrome and to be able to pass via query string a redirect url so that someone could click a link, be taken to the form that they don't even see is hosted by the camunda task list, click Start, and then have the browser redirect them to the URL passed in via a query string parameter from the original link to the task form.

      This would allow a separate web based application to integrate a camunda form into the middle of an application.


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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