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Concept for moving Combined Reports into Report Builder



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      Meeting notes. Most relevant points. 

      • Multiples of the same process (view affect of fillers - comparison) 
      • Varying processes (view totals or comparison) 
      • Processes can be added at any point- their attributes are added also.
      • Processes can be removed at any point - their attributes and filters are removed. 
      • Process instance and view filters can be applied to all added data sources, or to individual
      • Filters relating to attributes such as Assignees, variables or incidents are applied to wherever the attribute is located (Needs discussion) 
      • Processes can be added at any point- their attributes are added also.
      • Processes can be removed at any point - their attributes and filters are removed. 
      • Process display name can be edited (Currently the Report name acts as the renaming) 

      • Distribution can be set to: 
      None = Multi processes behave as one process definition. 

      By Process = Displays process data distributed.

      • Processes can be assigned new names for display purposes. 

      • All appropriate visualisations can be applied 



      View - Raw data
      NEW: Display data from all processes in table (Rows). Order alphabetically by process definition key.

      View - Instance Count:
      NEW: Group by none, Distribute by none displays total of all Processes 
      Distribute by Process - Columns/Bars/Line 

      View - Instance Durations:
      NEW: In view duration group by none - add aggregation option sum: Display the sum of all processes  
      (Process instance Duration & Incident Resolution Duration)

      View - Variable
      Only allow if multiple processes are the same process. Otherwise disable the option




      Suggestion - Filters that allow for Comparison
      The following filters can be applied to one or multiple process definitions: 

      • Instance state

      • Start and End date 

      • Duration (Flow Node and total process) 

      • Flow Node (Execution) Filter 


      Other - Filters based on process detail

      Variable, Assignee and Candidate group.

      A cumulation of values are available for selection. 
      Selection is applied to the process where it is contained. 

      If multiple processes contain this selection - it is applied to both. Do we need to apply to a single process? 




      Flow Node Display
      Flow Node status (Allow selection of process?- perhaps for comparison)
      Flow Node Date (Planned)
      Candidate Group

      Currently we allow combined reports with 'customise Flow Node Display' and User task views with assignee/candidate group filters. (Both these filter types are now View filters) 
      Allow application of view filters to individual reports.  



      Removing a Process Definition, removes the associated filter 


      To Do

       Design Selection of process for View Level filters 
      • Improve UI for scrolling filter additions. 
      • Design Display application of filters and which process definition the filter affects in saved mode and in Dashboard views. 
      • Exporting Combined reports - will need updating
      • Design create modal for multi processes, asses how that works with current templates
      • If a process is added after a Report is configures, maintain as many settings as possible.   
      • Design Flow for removing processes. (Pop over) 




        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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