Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.0.0-alpha5 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-431] - REST API tests take too long to execute
  • [CAM-592] - Backport Bugfixes from community
  • [CAM-612] - Call Activity does not work in renderer
  • [CAM-674] - fix boundary events in renderer
  • [CAM-702] - dataType selection broken in generic task form
  • [CAM-712] - Timer events do not work in renderer
  • [CAM-741] - Task list group tasks count not displayed
  • [CAM-750] - fix meeting registration with "Umlauten"
  • [CAM-751] - Links do not work in Rest API docs-section on
  • [CAM-753] - MERGE: fix typos on
  • [CAM-757] - wrong link on
  • [CAM-766] - Fix createDiagramOnDeploy option
  • [CAM-787] - REST IT fails on JBoss
  • [CAM-790] - Jobexecutor Locks all acquired Jobs if one Job fails

Feature Request

  • [CAM-105] - As DEV I can use the REST API on websphere
  • [CAM-368] - As DEV, I can use the tasklist on Websphere
  • [CAM-372] - As Operator, I can use cockpit on Websphere
  • [CAM-438] - Using the REST API, I can GET a single process instance
  • [CAM-441] - As Websphere user, I can read documentation
  • [CAM-443] - As DEV, I can use container managed process engine on websphere
  • [CAM-493] - Generate javadoc during builds
  • [CAM-557] - Create WAS 85 Profile for camunda BPM 7.0
  • [CAM-637] - Using the REST Api, I can query Executions
  • [CAM-638] - Using the REST Api, I can GET and trigger an Execution by ID
  • [CAM-639] - Using the REST Api, I can GET, modify and DELETE local variables of an Execution by ID
  • [CAM-641] - Using the REST Api I can DELETE a process instance by ID
  • [CAM-642] - Using the REST Api I can modify and delete process instance variables
  • [CAM-651] - As WAS Admin I can install camunda-jobexecutor-rar without camunda-engine shared library
  • [CAM-691] - As Operator I can see all deployed processes on the start page
  • [CAM-692] - As Operator I can see the number of instances for all deployed processes
  • [CAM-694] - Using the REST API, I expect a detailed message body on WebApplicationExceptions
  • [CAM-705] - As Operator, I can see a list of process instances
  • [CAM-728] - install camunda BPM on was 85 in hudson VM
  • [CAM-729] - Create Hudson job for was 85
  • [CAM-734] - As DEV I can use cycle on Websphere
  • [CAM-737] - improve Javadoc in Process Application classes
  • [CAM-752] - I can run cam-plat-ee distribution build on jenkins
  • [CAM-771] - Field names for IE
  • [CAM-791] - Activate build failure notifications in Jenkins for projects in the "7.0" Tab
  • [CAM-798] - Add Incident Infrastructure in engine
  • [CAM-801] - Refactor client side plugin infrastructure
  • [CAM-813] - As WebSphere user, I can start invoice showcase
  • [CAM-814] - Update cockpit plugin how-to to reflect plugin activation


  • [CAM-458] - As a team member, I can run integration test suites on Websphere
  • [CAM-722] - Fix or Remove org.camunda.bpm.engine.test.bpmn.event.timer.StartTimerEventTest
  • [CAM-726] - Perform cycle integration tests against new Web Modeler (7.0.0)
  • [CAM-744] - Add Webstorm Logo to footer
  • [CAM-795] - Increase speed of token in numberguessing game
  • [CAM-802] - Create client side testing infrastructure for cockpit
  • [CAM-812] - include GA in


  • [CAM-851] - Add cockpit activity instance interface
  • [CAM-859] - Renderer is Capable of Displaying Embedded Subprocesses

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