Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.14.0-alpha3 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-10520] - Local transient variables show up in database when creating a message correlation with REST
  • [CAM-11763] - Too many decision variables cause problems in MySQL when fetched in a bulk
  • [CAM-12058] - Incorrect sort order in History->Incidents page
  • [CAM-12165] - License Key cannot be read from classpath in Spring Boot App
  • [CAM-12277] - Camunda Version in EE-cockpit is wrong
  • [CAM-12278] - Cockpit Process Instance Duration Report Button Font is not loaded
  • [CAM-12280] - Switching from Cockpit to Welcome does not work
  • [CAM-12281] - Welcome Link is not present in Cockpit Dropdown on login page
  • [CAM-12292] - wrong xlmns in DMN example
  • [CAM-12324] - On the cockpit login, header shows Camunda logo
  • [CAM-12330] - When starting a process instance via submit for API, the variables are not accessible in a start event execution listener

Feature Request

  • [CAM-10750] - Improve External task Fetch and Lock Hit Rate
  • [CAM-10973] - I can execute a batch variable update in cockpit
  • [CAM-11457] - Support Wildfly 20
  • [CAM-11695] - Remove historic cleanup job logs during cleanup execution
  • [CAM-11990] - I can extend Cockpit Batch Operations using Plugins/Custom Scripts
  • [CAM-12094] - In REST API, I can fetch telemetry configuration


  • [CAM-11422] - Extract the managed Spring artifacts' version from the parent
  • [CAM-11442] - Create example Plugins
  • [CAM-11757] - Update Spring dependency to Spring 5 in core engine
  • [CAM-11998] - Legal can see the current state of the license book at any time
  • [CAM-12026] - Include quartz-scheduler in notice file
  • [CAM-12125] - Document telemetry topic
  • [CAM-12151] - Update the supported Edge version
  • [CAM-12176] - In telemetry data, API commands are added
  • [CAM-12177] - In telemetry data, Application server information is added
  • [CAM-12179] - Allow setting bpmnParseFactory in configuration
  • [CAM-12182] - Revise shading in platform
  • [CAM-12268] - Adjust Jira link in EasyPick documenation in CONTRIBUTING guide
  • [CAM-12288] - Improve contributing guidelines
  • [CAM-12334] - DMN & DRD screenshots in manual /manual/reference/dmn/ outdated
  • [CAM-12335] - DMN screenshots in camunda-bpm-examples/dmn-engine outdated
  • [CAM-12374] - [Refactoring, Cockpit] - Move non-standard plugin interfaces into 'properties' object
  • [CAM-12377] - Add initialized indicator for telemetry configuration
  • [CAM-12378] - In telemetry data, metrics information is added


  • [CAM-12138] - [BUG] CRDB concurrent transactions must be retried or reported to caller
  • [CAM-12232] - Disable pessmistic locks on CRDB and do retries instead
  • [CAM-12253] - Add CRDB-specific behavior tests
  • [CAM-12262] - [IMPROVEMENT] Make engine name available as additional information
  • [CAM-12298] - Cockpit: I can create a batch operation
  • [CAM-12299] - Admin: I can grant CREATE permission
  • [CAM-12300] - REST API: I can create a batch operation
  • [CAM-12301] - Java API: I can create a batch operation
  • [CAM-12329] - [DOCS] Write user guide documentation
  • [CAM-12397] - [Docs] Improve user guide documentation

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