Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.8.0-alpha3 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-5157] - Creation of incidents is not null safe
  • [CAM-6436] - JSON and XML variables are marked as invalid in Cockpit
  • [CAM-7143] - Cannot query groups by groupIdIn using LDAP Identity Provider
  • [CAM-7220] - JSON variabel value not displayed in Cockpit Variable Log
  • [CAM-7936] - Javascript error when switching to History View
  • [CAM-7982] - Improve performance of diagram rendering in Cockpit
  • [CAM-7989] - Cannot navigate to unnamed sub-process in Called Process Definitions tab
  • [CAM-8043] - @Dependent scoped beans in EL expressions are prematurely destroyed with Weld versions > 1.1.4
  • [CAM-8056] - Criteria value overflows in deployments view
  • [CAM-8062] - Deployment page broken in Internet Explorer
  • [CAM-8064] - Deleting deployments is slow on MySQL and MariaDB
  • [CAM-8071] - Filter for due date and follow up date is not applied correctly in case of OR query
  • [CAM-8072] - Exposing local variable via output mapping fails on parallel gateway with async after
  • [CAM-8073] - Fix tooltip for new diagram plugins
  • [CAM-8074] - Exception message is not shown when a batch operation fails in Cockpit
  • [CAM-8080] - Add Column button missing for processes search
  • [CAM-8081] - Loading widget does not stop loading on Human Tasks Dashboard in Cockpit
  • [CAM-8113] - No License Required Screen for Process Instance Modification Tab
  • [CAM-8118] - Cannot set variable explicitly in current scope
  • [CAM-8119] - admin-api base tag ignored in welcome-app

Feature Request

  • [CAM-3891] - I can inspect a Json or Xml variable instance in Cockpit
  • [CAM-4099] - Using the Rest API, I can throw a BPMN signal event
  • [CAM-5327] - I can query for Historic Variable Instances using a Native Query
  • [CAM-7099] - I can modify multiple process instances as a batch operation in cockpit
  • [CAM-7726] - I can see start- and end-time of a process instance in process instance history view
  • [CAM-7734] - Display Start- and End-Time for Called Process Instance
  • [CAM-7764] - I can see the status of called process instances in runtime view
  • [CAM-7765] - I can see the status of called process instances in history view
  • [CAM-7819] - I can see finished and canceled activity instances in process definition history view
  • [CAM-7941] - I can use explicite wildcards when using like search
  • [CAM-7948] - I can search for process instances by incident type
  • [CAM-7988] - Provide history time to live for batches
  • [CAM-8087] - I can define a global retry time cycle
  • [CAM-8145] - In Cockpit Processes Dashboard, I can see number of Incidents by process definition
  • [CAM-8146] - In cockpit process definition runtime view I can see the number of incidents by actitiy


  • [CAM-2799] - Upgrade json-path version used by spin to 2.x
  • [CAM-8016] - Improve handling of timezone in webapps
  • [CAM-8050] - Improve performance of process instance runtime diagram plugins
  • [CAM-8051] - EmptyBodyFilter should be included in standalone distributions
  • [CAM-8065] - Backport cockpit rendering speed improvements to 7.7
  • [CAM-8066] - Improve speed of diagram plugins for process definition runtime view
  • [CAM-8076] - add documentation for new diagram plugins
  • [CAM-8077] - Cleanup the code for removal of historic case and decision instances
  • [CAM-8079] - Improve displayed message when no definitions are deployed in Cockpit
  • [CAM-8083] - Enable modification plugins on demand
  • [CAM-8093] - improve supported environments for db clusters
  • [CAM-8096] - improve history process definition diagram plugins speed
  • [CAM-8100] - improve speed of diagram plugins for process instance history view
  • [CAM-8132] - Add Google Tag Manager to
  • [CAM-8133] - Add Google Tag Manager to

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