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Set Default History Time To Live For Decision Tables



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    • 7.13.0, 7.14.0
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      Environment (Required on creation):

      Standard Camunda Tomcat Download

      Issue tested on community edition 7.13.0 and 7.14.0



      Tested on Ubuntu 20.04 using the h2 db included in the download but can be replicated on any environment.

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      This behaviour was first questioned on the camunda forum: https://forum.camunda.org/t/set-default-history-time-to-live-for-decision-tables/25319/6

      Tobias Metzke-Bernstein assisted and confirmed this being an issue with a minimum setup.


      I am using camunda 7.13 community edition and would like to clear out any history older than 30 days. I have configured historyTimeToLive property as follows:

      <property name="historyTimeToLive">P30D</property>

      When I deploy a new process the process definitions all have a 30 day TTL set:

      but the decision definition's TTL are all still null

      After 30 days there are still history traces from variables created during the decision definitions. I had a look and cannot see any other specific property to set the default TTL specifically for decision definitions.

      Documentation reference: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.14/reference/deployment-descriptors/tags/process-engine/#history-cleanup-configuration-parameters

      The TTL is not being applied to any decision tables.

      Steps to reproduce (Required on creation):

      1. Download camunda 7.13.0 from camunda's website: https://downloads.camunda.cloud/release/camunda-bpm/tomcat/7.13/camunda-bpm-tomcat-7.13.0.zip
      1. Replace the server/apache-tomcat-9.0.33/conf/bpm-platform.xml with the one in the zip file below.
      1. Either build the maven project using mvn clean install from the root of the extracted zip file contents to create a new .war deployment or use the existing pre-built test-1.0.0.war from the target folder from the zip.
      1. Copy the test-1.0.0.war file to the webapps directory of camunda: /server/apache-tomcat-9.0.33/webapps
      1. Start camunda, I normally use ./catalina.sh run command from tomcat's server/apache-tomcat-9.0.33/bin directoryso I can monitor the logs for a successful deployment.
      1. The deployment contains 1 process definition and 1 decision definition (test_process.bpmn and test_decision.dmn) stored under the resources directory.
      1. Login to camunda's cockpit using the default demo:demo credentials and navigate to the process definition:


      here you can see the TTL is 30 days.

      1. Navigate to the decision definition:


      Notice the TTL is null.

      I thought this might have been a camunda 7.13.0 issue but this also occurs with 7.14.0 (the latest version on the download site)

      Observed Behavior (Required on creation):

      The TTL for decision tables are null even though the TTL has been set via historyTimeToLive for any new deployments without a TTL configured.

      Expected behavior (Required on creation):

      I would expect the TTL to be 30 days as configured by the historyTimeToLive setting.

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