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Engine CDI module is integrated into Quarkus Extension



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      User Story

      I can use the feature set provided by the process engine CDI integration [1].

      Functional Requirements

      • Associate a conversation with a process instance [2] (might not be supported via @ConversationScoped, only via @RequestScoped)
      • Controll the process declaratively [3]
      • Work with @BusinessProcessScoped beans [4] (might not be supported due to Quarkus CDI limitations)
      • Work with built-in beans (e.g., @Inject ProcessEngine, RuntimeService, ProcessInstance, Task) [5]
      • Event Bridge [6]

      Technical Constraints

      • Quarkus.io supports only a subset of the CDI 2.0 standard with the help of the quarkus-arc module
        • Please see the supported features [7] and limitations [8]
      • Our CDI integration makes use of CDI concepts that are not supported by quarkus-arc

      How we deal with limited CDI 2.0 support

      • We thoroughly document to which extent and what features of the engine-cdi module work and whatnot
      • We ensure that the working features are actually working by automated tests
      • We provide an alternative configuration approach since the content of the beans.xml is ignored by Quarkus.io
        • beans.xml is already not the preferred way of applying configurations; the state-of-the-art way is using annotations

      Potentially Problematic Limitations

      Disclaimer: The following things were identified based on the quarkus-arc limitations [8] documentation and evaluating the source code of our engine-cdi module. To get full confidence in what works and whatnot, we might need to execute the test suite of the engine-cdi module against Quarkus.io.

      1. The @ConversationScoped is not supported: Task forms and ConversationScopedAssociation uses it
      2. Only some methods of the BeanManager are supported
      3. beans.xml descriptor content is ignored
      4. Passivation and passivating scopes are not supported: @BusinessProcessScoped needs to be PassivationCapable
      5. Portable Extensions are not supported: ProcessEngineExtension uses the portable Extension interface
      6. Implicit bean discovery: DefaultContextAssociationManager, ProcessVariableLocalMap, ProcessVariableMap, BusinessProcess, ProcessVariables
        • Explicit bean definition (annotation) on class level is missing
      Solutions to mitigate limitations
      • RE 1
        • Document it and describe that association works within a request context (REST API call)
      • RE 3
        • Introduce configuration properties in the application.properties file to compensate what can be configured in the beans.xml file
      • RE 6
        • a) Add AdditionalBeanBuildItem in Quarkus.io extension which registers the classes with missing bean definition and assigns a scope
        • b) Add bean definition directly to engine-cdi module (might break behavior)

      Limitations discovered by running engine-cdi testsuite

      • Most of the tests make heavy use of the @ConversationScoped bean behavior which is not supported by Quarkus.io
        • However, Quarkus.io as well as engine-cdi support @RequestScoped beans
          • This scope gets enabled e.g. when performing a REST request but also in other situations [9]
          • When activating the request context in the test suite via Arc.container().requestContext().activate(), the tests pass
      • BeanManager
        • #getELResolver is called which is not supported
      • The prototype is currently designed in a way that the default process engine starts automatically and cannot be replaced with a custom process engine
        • This is probably a solvable problem
      • The @Alternative annotation only seems to work in conjunction with @Priority(1)
        • Might also be related to the fact that the engine-cdi module is tested against Weld 1.1 which supports CDI 1.0
      • The @Specializes is not supported
        • Not used by the engine-cdi module but there is a test for it
      • Quarkus.io does not assign a scope implicitly which means that all beans are ignored without a scope
        • Added @ApplicationScoped to beans without scope so that the test suite succeeds
      • engine-cdi has @Qualifier annotation on @ProcessVariable and @ProcessVariableTyped which leads to auto injections when fields are annotated with these annotations
        • Auto injection for fields can be disabled with quarkus.arc.auto-inject-fields=false
      • engine-cdi exposed beans have @Dependent scope by default which leads to warning logs
        • Obtained instance of @Dependent scoped bean org.camunda.bpm.engine.cdi.CurrentProcessInstance_ProducerMethod_getExecutionId_62b5049703b5a9e9ea537d15ef7a7605df494847_Bean@665d124a outside of process engine command context. Bean instance will not be destroyed. This is likely to create a memory leak. Please use a normal scope like @ApplicationScoped for this bean.
      Failing tests by problem

      Heads-up: failing tests might hide further problems we cannot oversee right now.

      • BeanManager#getELResolver unsupported
        • ThreadContextAssociationTest.testBusinessProcessScopedWithJobExecutor
        • DmnJuelTest
        • BusinessProcessContextTest#testConversationalBeanStoreFlush
        • MultiInstanceTest
        • ElTest

      Technical Requirements

      • Testsuite exists which ensures our Quarkus.io extension supports the features up to a certain extent
        • Limitation of Scope
          • 1) Copy test cases to Quarkus.io extension and make them work
          • 2) Preferred way: In engine-cdi module, tests are additionally executed against Quarkus.io environment (we can exclude tests for unsupported behavior)
      • Documentation exists which outlines the limitations

      Further investigation necessary

      • Have a look at the excluded test cases and refactor them to run under quarkus when possible
      • Decide if quarkus.arc.auto-inject-fields=false should be part of the engine extension or not; what is the user impact?
      • Evaluate if we can fix the unsupported BeanManager#getELResolver to allow accessing methods on beans from expressions
      • Evaluate if the changed behavior of the @Alternative annotation is related to changes in the CDI 2.0 specification
      • Evaluate the impact of the following Quarkus.io limitations
        • Passivation and passivating scopes are not supported: @BusinessProcessScoped needs to be PassivationCapable
        • Portable Extensions are not supported: ProcessEngineExtension uses the portable Extension interface
      • Evluate the impact of missing beans.xml configuration capabilities and decide if we need an alternative solution

      [1] https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.15/user-guide/cdi-java-ee-integration/
      [2] https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.15/user-guide/cdi-java-ee-integration/contextual-programming-model/#associate-a-conversation-with-a-process-instance
      [3] https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.15/user-guide/cdi-java-ee-integration/contextual-programming-model/#declaratively-controlling-the-process
      [4] https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.15/user-guide/cdi-java-ee-integration/contextual-programming-model/#work-with-businessprocessscoped-beans
      [5] https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.15/user-guide/cdi-java-ee-integration/built-in-beans/
      [6] https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.15/user-guide/cdi-java-ee-integration/the-cdi-event-bridge/
      [7] https://quarkus.io/guides/cdi-reference#supported_features
      [8] https://quarkus.io/guides/cdi-reference#limitations
      [9] https://docs.jboss.org/cdi/api/2.0/javax/enterprise/context/RequestScoped.html


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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