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      Processes and Report modes

      • Allow process definitions to be added & removed directly from the Report edit mode.
      • Allow configuring of display name as well as  selection of Version & tenant for standard and bulk process types 
      • Allow display of process model in full screen 
      • Display data distributed by none (default) or process 
      • Display Process count breakdown for each process 
      • Display Individual process details in pop overs


      All related Designs -> 

      Adding Processes via Report builder edit mode 

      • '+ Add' button in Data source section header displays multi select modal
      • Once added, new Process appears at the top of the data sources list
      • No max height for data sources section. Expands to the height of the content. 
      *Potentially set a max height for section - discuss 


      Adding Process Definition Modal 

      • No select all processes in this case (checkbox next to title)
      • Do not specify 'All processes in context' Just all processes. Presumably the user will understand in the Collection, it is only those within the Collection.
      • All process option is disabled as soon as there is any existing selection
      • Previously added processes appear in the list, in a selected disabled state
      • Decision tables do not appear in the list
      • Processes with the same name - display business key
      • Processes from zeebe or event based - display origin after their name
      • Is load more necessary?
      • If a zeeby or event process is added - All options available (inc filters): if no data, then no data is returned More info:OPT-5158 
      • Grey no. of selected item buttons displays the number of current active selections.
      (Ignoring previously selected items)
      • Once 10 processes have been added, they must be manually removed via the process card.
      Until such a time, the add process button is disabled. Discuss message
      • When ‘All processes’ are selected - there is no grey button. 
(just like in selecting external event groups)


      Process Card and Pop over configuration modal 

      Note: Sidebar tweaks impact sizing of Cards 
      • Processes are added as cards which display;
      Tennant and version info in full
      Hover state same as entity (Bg and icons) 
      Copy, edit and remove actions 
      UI > Consider changing the pop overs to menus. 

      There are two types of process cards. Individual and Bulk. 
      • Bulk process cards cannot be duplicated
      • Bulk process card contain a link to all displayed processes (How?)
      • Bulk process card defines limited behaviour in the Report builder. 
      • Bulk processes can only be configured by latest or all versions. And all tenants only
      • More detail: 
      Q: How to name the bulk process card? Process group - Hompage/Collection?



      Multiple Processes and distribution by process
      • When multiple process definitions exist, a distribute option is always present. 
      Distribution: None =  Multiple processes behave as if a single process. Data is 'compiled'. 
      Distribution: Process = Distribute by process 
      See More in this ticket : 

      Process Detail Pop overs 
      Instance count: When multiple processes exist, the instance count displays the total in the Report. 
      An info pop over displays the process instance breakdown per process. 
      New Icon: Update in Report saved mode too. 
      Process detail (saved Mode): Where multiple processes exist - we display the same process detail pop over as in the current Combined processes. 


      • When multi processes exist, variable lists contain those from all processes. This menu has sections for each process, for cases where the same process is added multiple times, it is clear which process variable one is selecting. 



        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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