Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.6.0-alpha5 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-5356] - Fix Variable-Scoping in Sub-Tasks
  • [CAM-5519] - I cannot filter for process instances by a date variable in cockpit
  • [CAM-6537] - I cannot use a user id with a slash or backslash inside in webapps
  • [CAM-6579] - I cannot create attachments to process instance using java API
  • [CAM-6633] - Incorrect display of "No process definitions deployed" while loading data
  • [CAM-6674] - Header for comment entry in Task history is not translated
  • [CAM-6782] - An authorization is required to get the case model and case diagram
  • [CAM-6787] - Search Query for batch delete is empty from definition view
  • [CAM-6831] - Batch Operation Button is disabled with empty search
  • [CAM-6837] - Ignore case insensitive for JUEL as Expression Language

Feature Request

  • [CAM-5721] - I can deploy Cmmn and Dmn model instances
  • [CAM-6257] - I can delete historic Decision Instance by Historic Decision Instance ID
  • [CAM-6393] - I can configure the maximum capacity for the deployment cache
  • [CAM-6397] - As a user I can provide a custom Deployment Cache implementation
  • [CAM-6421] - As cockpit User I can query for open incidents
  • [CAM-6425] - Enable Caching of Script Language in Standalone DMN Engine
  • [CAM-6575] - I can provide an expression in the signal name and message name attribute
  • [CAM-6602] - I can use BPMN Conditional Events
  • [CAM-6637] - I get feedback that diagram activity statistics are being loaded
  • [CAM-6648] - I can execute batch operations in cockpit
  • [CAM-6714] - I can complete a task before execution from delegate
  • [CAM-6717] - I can localize the Welcome App
  • [CAM-6763] - Make schema operations pluggable
  • [CAM-6764] - BPMN conditional events are parsed
  • [CAM-6779] - I can navigate to batch operation view from process definition
  • [CAM-6790] - I can start platform on Wildfly 10.1
  • [CAM-6796] - I can use the model API to create conditional events
  • [CAM-6800] - I can execute batch cancellation on process instances matching start date before criteria
  • [CAM-6801] - I cannot execute batch operation on already finished process instances
  • [CAM-6823] - I can delete a finished Process Instances asynchronously using Java Api
  • [CAM-6824] - I can delete a finished Process Instances asynchronously using Rest Api
  • [CAM-6825] - I can delete a finished Process Instances in Cockpit Batch
  • [CAM-6828] - I can set the variable name and event for a conditional event
  • [CAM-6830] - I can read documentation about Conditional events
  • [CAM-6838] - When fetching external tasks, I can request object variables to be deserialized


  • [CAM-6130] - Test that migration with an object type variable does not access the deserialized value during migration
  • [CAM-6193] - Spike: add filtering to history job log
  • [CAM-6636] - Add Loading Indicator to Process Instance History Incidents Tab
  • [CAM-6689] - Require user to update to latest patch before updating to next minor version
  • [CAM-6693] - Make usage of the term save point consistent
  • [CAM-6711] - Create demo metric data for Cockpit webapp
  • [CAM-6725] - Add new column for metric utc timestamp to ACT_RU_METER_LOG table
  • [CAM-6726] - Start Spring Process Application after Spring Context is initialized fully
  • [CAM-6733] - On Historic Process Definition View align filter for Process Instances with New Filter Pattern
  • [CAM-6746] - Create generic components common to batch operations in cockpit
  • [CAM-6767] - Enable or delete HistoryLevelTest
  • [CAM-6769] - Deprecate usage of createAttachemnt by processInstance id in TaskService
  • [CAM-6776] - Document extended property on debug widget
  • [CAM-6780] - Create behaviors for exeuction of conditional events
  • [CAM-6783] - Move loading indicator for process instance search
  • [CAM-6802] - I can start dev ee cockpit and not wait for DevProcessApplication to finish
  • [CAM-6803] - Update camunda commons versions in all projects to 1.4.0-alpha3
  • [CAM-6829] - I can create task listener using fluent model API

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