Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.12.0-alpha3 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-9856] - Form field looses data after adding task meta data (due date, group, etc.)
  • [CAM-10035] - In Cockpit, on deployment page sort dropdown does not show on first click
  • [CAM-10282] - Weak performance of count queries on PostgreSQL
  • [CAM-10379] - Classloading issue in Wildfly 12+
  • [CAM-10522] - Tasklist result shows an unclear error on selection "Candidate User Filter"
  • [CAM-10676] - WelcomePluginsRootResource doesn't contain any JAX-RS annotated methods
  • [CAM-10678] - Camunda docs v7.11 /process-instance/delete api is not updated
  • [CAM-10679] - Tasklist does not submit form field with default value if variable has already that value
  • [CAM-10686] - Task card flickers at expand
  • [CAM-10692] - Missing translation string for small window warning
  • [CAM-10708] - In JavaScript External Task client, I cannot fetch and lock by version tag
  • [CAM-10728] - Webapp displays administrative options by hard-checking against camunda-admin group
  • [CAM-10730] - TaskQuery assigneeIn filter can not be extended
  • [CAM-10751] - Inaccurate description of the default number of job executions

Feature Request

  • [CAM-9556] - Add Annotation to Operator Log
  • [CAM-10258] - I can programmatically customize resource deployment
  • [CAM-10393] - I can use version tag when fetching and locking external tasks
  • [CAM-10701] - Javascript client: I can fetch and lock tasks by version tag
  • [CAM-10717] - Show timestamps for external task log in Cockpit


  • [CAM-10401] - Prototype for Rest Service Distribution
  • [CAM-10402] - Spike on official Support of Camunda Scala DMN and FEEL engines
  • [CAM-10403] - Spike prototypical solution for MI with arbitrary cardinality
  • [CAM-10616] - Add index on ACT_HI_JOB_LOG.JOB_DEF_CONFIGURATION_
  • [CAM-10695] - Bump dependencies 08/2019
  • [CAM-10722] - Switch the parent of dmn engine


  • [CAM-10696] - Bump engine dependency: mybatis
  • [CAM-10698] - Bump engine dependency: gson
  • [CAM-10699] - Bump engine dependency: java-uuid-generator
  • [CAM-10702] - Bump engine dependency: slf4j-api
  • [CAM-10710] - Bump spin dependency: json-path
  • [CAM-10711] - Bump connect dependency: httpclient
  • [CAM-10712] - Bump engine dependency: h2

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