Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 2.3.0-alpha2 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [OPT-1559] - Create new link of empty EntityList is not keyboard accessible
  • [OPT-1560] - Footer establishes new websocket connection on each navigation
  • [OPT-1573] - report builder Menus in IE11 can be selected even if disabled
  • [OPT-1587] - Alert emails contain invalid link to report
  • [OPT-1605] - Deep clone ConfigurationService when reading defaultConfig in TestEmbeddedCamundaOptimize
  • [OPT-1608] - Upgrade: on reindex batch error, abort upgrade
  • [OPT-1611] - Fix objectMapper inconsistency
  • [OPT-1614] - Background of Analysis Statistics Placeholder too small
  • [OPT-1621] - Fix wrong pagesize value in ProcessInstanceFetcher

Feature Request

  • [OPT-1508] - Import historic DMN data
  • [OPT-1511] - I can authenticate with a single sign on mechanism
  • [OPT-1516] - Perform spike on if improve usibility of goal lines in area charts
  • [OPT-1529] - I can sort columns of raw data reports
  • [OPT-1572] - History Cleanup Feature
  • [OPT-1603] - I can specify the order of reports in combined reports


  • [OPT-1306] - Make Progress Bar more Progress-Bar-y
  • [OPT-1498] - Notify about changes in the dependencies
  • [OPT-1517] - Generate large data set
  • [OPT-1533] - Speed up the upgrade process for large data by using aliases
  • [OPT-1544] - Upgrade works with large data set in a certain amount of time
  • [OPT-1545] - Add parameters field to report data
  • [OPT-1557] - Create jenkins pipeline to execute the query performance tests
  • [OPT-1558] - Use ReportDataBuilder to create report data in IT tests
  • [OPT-1583] - Show actual version in Optimize
  • [OPT-1584] - Extend data generation with dmn data
  • [OPT-1618] - Switch nightly load tests to build slaves with SSD's
  • [OPT-1626] - Enable elasticsearch transport client logs
  • [OPT-1628] - Deactivate current time backoff for integration tests to decrease IT duration
  • [OPT-1647] - Set default elasticsearch import queue size to 50

Feature Part

  • [OPT-1597] - Create configuration overlay popover
  • [OPT-1599] - I can specify visualization options for Heatmaps
  • [OPT-1600] - Add "Always show instance number" option


  • [OPT-1566] - Create cleanup load test jenkins job using static dataset
  • [OPT-1571] - Track progress of cleanup job with task api
  • [OPT-1601] - Add table configuration to configuration overlay
  • [OPT-1644] - I can perform CRUD operations for report collections using the Rest-API
  • [OPT-1649] - When deleting reports then collections are listed as possible conflicts as well

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