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Export & Import - Single Report Entities



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      What is the desired functionality that you are missing?

      **I can export collections (meta-data, including report configurations, dashboard configurations, assigned users and data sources) so that I can import my collection into an Optimize instance when needed (e.g. export from development / staging environment and import into production. 

      Which problem are you going to solve with this functionality?

      • dashboards including reports are often prepared in staging environment and once the process moves into production or dashboards have been approved dashboards and all including reports have to be recreated in the production environment. this is very time-consuming for end users.


      First Iteration:

      • See Meeting Notes on confluence: https://confluence.camunda.com/display/CO/2020-10-30+Import+and+Export+of+Entities
      • With the first iteration, we will focus on one entity only: single reports
      • Reports should be importable into collections as well as as private reports
      • Event based process reports are not included
      • Only superusers will be allowed to import/export
      • We apply the following restrictions: 
        • We reject reports if the definition, version or tenant does not exist in the target Optimize & the importing user has to have the relevant permissions for this definition in the target Optimize (otherwise they won't see the report after importing)
        • We reject reports if they're being imported into a collection that does not have the required data source
        • We reject reports whose data structure does not match the target Optimize report index
      • Reasons for import rejection should be communicated to the user

      Future Iterations:

      • Enable other users to use import/export functionality
        • this means we'll have to handle authorizations
      • Enable import/export of other entities, eg combined reports, collections, dashboards
      • Include event based processes
      • Optional: handle missing versions or tenants
        • For example:
          • exported report is based on definition1 version1 and version2.
          • Target Optimize only has version1.
          • During import, we could adjust the report to only use version1.


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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