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Time-Based Goal Setting




      Problem Definition

      User Story

      As a process owner
      I want to set time-based goals for my process
      So that I can easily evaluate their health

      PM Notes (Customer requests, context, assumptions)

      • Problem: The most frequent reason customers cite for process automation is improving process speed. However, Optimize is not well-designed for tracking duration KPIs
      • Goal: Helps BU Operations Managers decide where to invest process improvement resources by standardizing how duration business goals are set across multiple processes

      Use Cases

      • (MH) Track whether a target percentage of process instances meet a target SLA
      • (MH) Track whether a target percentage of process instances follow the happy path
      • (MH) View how existing data is distributed

      Solution Definition

      Solution Ideas

      The user is able to set duration goals for a percentile of the data. 
      Happy path (default to 80%) + duration value 
      SLA (default to 99%) + duration value. 
      Both configurations have the less than operator.

      Goals are calculated for the last 30 days (Not current month)

      Result preview displays the duration value for the defined percentage of data.
      The duration value is displayed red or green depending on the goals success. 

      Red - the duration value is higher than the specified target
      Green - the duration value is equal to or lower than the specified target. 

      Design Notes (Videos, mockups, guidance)

      Updated goal setting screen
      Updated alert screen
      Updated Process list (time range has changed to last 30 days) 
      Updated goal displays

      User Scenario (Given, When Then)

      GIVEN I am viewing the processes page
      (SH) AND I have editing rights
      (MH) THEN I can set a time-based goal

      GIVEN I am viewing the processes page
      WHEN I decide to set a time-based goal
      (MH) THEN the user can see an evaluation of the current goal configuration
      (MH) AND the user can view a chart with process instance count grouped by duration, filtered by process instances ended in the current month
      (MH) AND the user can view a line chart of percentage duration aggregations grouped by end date filtered by process instances ended in the last 30 days
      (SH) AND the user can visualize the goals on the chart
      (MH) AND I can interact with an info icon to learn more about key concepts

      GIVEN I have configured at least one goal
      (MH) THEN I see the evaluation of the goal 
      (MH) AND I see the current value of the percentile 


      WHEN I am setting a time-based goal
      (MH) AND no current goal is saved
      (MH) THEN a default set of goal percentage configurations is selected in a percentage select menu.
      (MH) I can select another percentage from the options provided
      (NTH) AND a default set of goal duration configurations (values and units) is provided or updated based on the new percentage selection.
      (NTH): Default configurations should be rounded 'nicely'
      I can save the goals as configured by the default

      GIVEN existing goal have been set
      WHEN I open the goal setting modal
      (MH) THEN the current goal status is loaded
      (SH) AND the 'update goals' button is disabled
      (SH) BUT if I change the configuration
      (SH) THEN I can update the goals
      (MH) BUT if I cancel the changes
      (MH) THEN changes are not made


      GIVEN I am viewing the goal modal
      WHEN I focus on a section of the configuration
      (SH) THEN the corresponding section of the chart is highlighted
      (SH) AND the selected, but not in focus section of the chart has a different color
      (SH) AND unselected ranges have a different color

      GIVEN I am modifying a configuration
      WHEN I change the configuration
      (MH) THEN the goals are re-evaluated
      (MH) AND the visualisation is updated


      GIVEN I am modifying the configuration
      WHEN I remove input from the duration
      THEN a warning appears and the goal cannot be saved or updated
      AND I must configure or hide the goal from the display to save the goal 


      GIVEN goal configuration has been set
      WHEN I save the configuration
      (MH) and the configuration is valid
      (MH) THEN I can view the current goal status in the Processes page
      (MH) AND I can view a goal summary (e.g., tooltip)
      (MH) AND I can edit the goal

      GIVEN I have set at least 1 goal
      AND I am viewing the set goals modal
      (SH) THEN an option to delete time-based goals for a process is provided
      (SH) WHEN I delete the goals for a process
      (SH) THEN all related time-based goals for that process are disabled
      (SH) AND the goal does not appear on the Processes page
      (SH) AND the button on the process reads 'Set Goals'

      GIVEN I have at least one goal configured

      AND I am viewing the set goals modal
      (SH) THEN an option to not display the goals
      (SH) WHEN I hide a goal
      (SH) THEN the goal preview updates to show only the displayed goal
      (SH) THEN that goal is no longer displayed in the process page
      (SH) AND I am able to display the goal again via the goal modal


      GIVEN I have configured goals
      (NTH) AND the ideal duration is GREATER THAN the unacceptable duration
      (NTH) THEN the evaluation does not show any instances in the acceptable range
      (NTH) AND the evaluation warns the user that the ideal and unacceptable durations are overlapping
      (NTH) AND the visualization's color-coding prioritizes focused bars over unfocused bars


      GIVEN that the SLA is set lower than the target duration 
      THEN the goal is misconfigured 
      AND We allow users to misconfigure goals and return the results 

      GIVEN that the user sets a stretch goal where the goal value is far below the expected value 
      THEN the goal will be displayed as valid and unmet 


      Metrics (if applicable)

      • Frequency of time-based goal updates
        • (MH) Total number of updates
        • (SH) Number of unique processes with a time-based goal
        • (NTH) Number of updates per unique process


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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