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Process Onboarding UX Prototype Iteration #1




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      Problem Definition

      User Story

      As an Optimize team member
      I want a technical proof of concept
      So that I can quickly iterate on the user experience

      User Stories

      The primary persona is the Process Owner
      The secondary persona is a generic superuser

      • (MH) When a process's first instance is completed, the likely process owner is linked to a dashboard so that they can configure Optimize to help monitor and improve their process

      PM Notes (Customer requests, context, assumptions)

      • The first step is to get something working quickly that the FE can build on top of and we can use to identify issues.
      • No GUI. Configuration and triggering should be done manually
      • No considerations for non-happy path flow or testing. The rest comes later
      • The email should be a plaintext with placeholder text
      • The URL should take the user to a new dashboard (dashboardName= definitionName) in a new collection (collectionName = projectName) in either saved or draft status
      • Camunda 7/ C8 Self-Managed compatibility is secondary
        • C7/C8SM don't have Projects
          • We would probably have to create 1 collection per process definition and tell users to consolidate them as necessary
          • We wouldn't know whom to assign as process owner. A configurable default could suffice, but it doesn't improve time to value
        • C7/C8SM don't have an email service
          • Email notifications require an admin to set up an email service.
        • Introducing Modeler to C8SM and introducing a native notification system would go a long way to improve the value delivered on C7/C8SM
      • Deliverable:
        • Demo the following
          • Deploy new process
          • Complete first process instance
          • Receive email
          • Open a dashboard based on the new process

      Solution Definition

      Solution Ideas

      • A magic link creates a collection and a dashboard

      Design Notes (Videos, mockups, guidance)

      User Scenario

      GIVEN I am a C8 SaaS user
      AND I have a project with write access
      AND Developer and Analyst permissions
      WHEN I deploy a new process to a cluster
      AND I execute the process instance
      AND the process instance completes
      THEN I receive an email notification
      AND the notification has a link to Optimize
      WHEN I open the link
      THEN I arrive at a new Optimize dashboard
      AND the dashboard is in a new collection

      Metrics (if applicable)

      • Number of times email is sent
      • Number of times link is followed


        This is the controller panel for Smart Panels app


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