Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.16.0-alpha3 - HTML format


  • [CAM-13317] - Replace freestyle jobs with declarative pipelines for the master branch

Bug Report

  • [CAM-7048] - Migration of conditional events does not always set updateEventTrigger flag
  • [CAM-13156] - User Task: processInstanceId is not propagated when comment is added
  • [CAM-13165] - Class loading issue on Wildfly when using CDI
  • [CAM-13577] - Provide consistent documentation of web app configuration via config.js
  • [CAM-13710] - The IntelliJ IDEA Camunda Maven Archetypes guide has missing steps

Feature Request

  • [CAM-12103] - Support Java 15
  • [CAM-13086] - Support Spring Boot 2.5.0
  • [CAM-13532] - Allow external JVM options in Camunda Run
  • [CAM-13652] - In REST API, I can set activation time during deployment


  • [CAM-12805] - Investigate why forkCount config is needed for non-h2 databases
  • [CAM-13361] - Add Maven Wrapper to the Camunda Platform projects
  • [CAM-13403] - In pipelines, decide to enable parallel builds again
  • [CAM-13409] - Rollout declarative pipelines to live
  • [CAM-13414] - Document release procedure for pipelines
  • [CAM-13523] - Frontend license book generator should not respect dev dependencies
  • [CAM-13545] - Documentation Fix in 7.14: How to add a cockpit plugin to camunda
  • [CAM-13553] - In pipelines, add cluster_ready check for mariadb galera stages
  • [CAM-13589] - [Bug] In pipeline, missing leading slash of project path prevents downstream trigger
  • [CAM-13593] - In pipelines, failure in postFailure prevent conditional retrigger of a stage
  • [CAM-13594] - Update form-js in the web apps to 0.1.0
  • [CAM-13614] - In pipelines, gitnotify for CE repo is not working on default branch
  • [CAM-13618] - In pipelines, resolve nexus repository variables in Assembly stage
  • [CAM-13619] - Create a pipeline usage documentation
  • [CAM-13620] - Adjust Security content for new page
  • [CAM-13642] - Announce release and updated environments in enterprise docs
  • [CAM-13674] - Add Apache Commons DBCP dependency to standalone webapps
  • [CAM-13675] - To webapp translations, add disclaimer that translation besides English are not supported
  • [CAM-13693] - In pipelines, e2e stages store test results only on failure
  • [CAM-13694] - Fix WLS compatibility test


  • [CAM-13516] - Add Graal.js support
  • [CAM-13517] - Add Graal.js support for Spin
  • [CAM-13518] - Document changes for Java 15 support
  • [CAM-13526] - Adjust examples for Java 15
  • [CAM-13557] - Support execution with Java 15
  • [CAM-13584] - Add Cockpit documentation and automated screenshots
  • [CAM-13609] - Tasklist: Make assignment of process instance id to task comment configurable
  • [CAM-13610] - REST API & Open API: I can set process instance id on task comment creation
  • [CAM-13669] - Document deployment activation time property
  • [CAM-13679] - Add JDK 15 CI jobs for Spin
  • [CAM-13681] - Run the Camunda process engine test suite on Azure DB

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