Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.11.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-8624] - In Cockpit, Dashboard metrics missing data, when multiple reporters logs metrics
  • [CAM-9096] - Max tasks and lock duration are not validated correctly on fetch and lock for external tasks
  • [CAM-9498] - Cannot store dates / timestamps after 2038 in MariaDB/MySQL
  • [CAM-9557] - Pending long-polling requests are not rejected properly on server shutdown
  • [CAM-9562] - External tasks are not unlocked in case of orphaned async fetch and lock requests
  • [CAM-9569] - Different Camunda commons version in platform and dmn project
  • [CAM-9577] - With the Java External Task Client, the 'withoutTenantId' flag is always set to true
  • [CAM-9579] - Cockpit Cleanup Dashboard does not show finished process instances
  • [CAM-9581] - Job acquisition query causes high CPU costs
  • [CAM-9602] - Cannot login into Cockpit, when providing any moddle extensions in config.js
  • [CAM-9603] - Defined moddle extensions are not applied in Cockpit
  • [CAM-9609] - Input/Output mappings do not work for intermediate catch event after event based gateway
  • [CAM-9628] - Dead link in Spring Boot docs
  • [CAM-9629] - Removal time is not set for incidents associated with batches
  • [CAM-9651] - Webapp is not accessible when an identity provider returns invalid group IDs for a user
  • [CAM-9671] - Weblogic: Platform startup fails if history cleanup job cannot be re-configured
  • [CAM-9691] - Failing test when not in GMT/UTC+1 time zone

Feature Request

  • [CAM-9593] - I can configure that an operator can retry instance
  • [CAM-9595] - I can configure that an operator can trigger only single type of batch operation
  • [CAM-9643] - Via Java API, I can delete the history of a single variable
  • [CAM-9644] - Via REST API, I can delete the history of a single variable
  • [CAM-9646] - Via Java API, I can delete all history entries for variables of one process instance
  • [CAM-9647] - Via REST API, I can delete all history entries for variables of one process instance


  • [CAM-6884] - Refactor SpringProcessEngineConfiguration such that names of auto-deployed resources can be customized more conveniently
  • [CAM-9156] - Remove common-lang dependency from engine-spring
  • [CAM-9228] - Get start form key rest api doc is not complete
  • [CAM-9450] - Revise migration tests execution on master
  • [CAM-9453] - In external task client java, Implement toString() method to ExternalTaskImpl
  • [CAM-9511] - Replace JSONObject with an alternative
  • [CAM-9536] - Missing license headers are detected
  • [CAM-9559] - WildFly is updated to latest version
  • [CAM-9566] - Adjust db scripts after 7.10 release for testing the upgrade
  • [CAM-9578] - Bump camunda-engine-unittest to 7.10
  • [CAM-9607] - Correct license wording
  • [CAM-9612] - BulkFetch complex/object-Variable values in context of historic detail data
  • [CAM-9623] - Handle regressions in Authorization related to newly introduced Permissions
  • [CAM-9624] - Enhance ClockUtil with clock functionality
  • [CAM-9640] - Release commons project
  • [CAM-9669] - In Webapps, npm uses old package versions
  • [CAM-9670] - In Cockpit, I can use a default search filter on process definition history view
  • [CAM-9677] - Authorization check rest endpoint docs page is misleading
  • [CAM-9690] - Improve docs on job acquisition ensureDueDateNotNull

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